How Long Does It Take to Install Windows 10

From an efficiency perspective, Windows 10 operating system works very efficiently. So, it is very helpful for users to get benefits. It upgrades itself with time. So, you can easily access the value-added features. Moreover, you will have efficient outcomes with its implementation. It takes some time to complete the process. But, you can manage this task by knowing the time duration with which it completes the operation. This update activity helps to increase the stability, performance, and bug fixes along with the other shiny features. So, you should be familiar with the time duration of it. ‘How Long Does It Take to Install Windows 10?’. This article will help you in this segment. We have also covered the article ‘How to Install and Uninstall Languages in Windows 10‘. Let’s start this beautiful article on ‘How Long Does It Take to Install Windows 10?’.

How Long Does It Take to Install Windows 10?

Updates are nothing but the additional feature version of the service. Moreover, it helps to increase the functionality of the system. That is why those kinds of updates are useful for the users. Many times it becomes frustrating when it takes a long time. So, it becomes helpful when you are aware of the time duration required. Thus, it is necessary to know ‘How Long Does It Take to Install Windows 10?’. With this information, you can calculate the time duration for the same. On the other end, you can easily manage other work also. We are trying here to provide elaborative data for you people. It will surely help you with this issue.

Time Duration For Windows 10 Installation

Generally, Windows 10 take a duration of around a maximum of 3 hours. But, according to the system you are using, it may vary. So, we are providing here some estimated time duration for the different hardware. We are sure that it will help you to be aware of it.

Hardware TypeTime Required
Hard Disk Drive (HDD)1 Hour
Solid State Drive (SSD)15 Minutes
Windows 10 on Current Hardware3 Hours

When you are going for Hard Disk Drive (HDD), it will take around 1 hour to complete the installation process. On the other end, Solid State Drive (SSD) is so faster that it takes only 15 minutes to complete this process. Apart from these options, there is another one. So, if you want to install Windows 10 on current hardware, it may take a long time. It can extend up to 3 hours which is the general time duration for the systems to update.

Time Duration For Windows 10 Downloading

Similar to the installation, there is another concept of downloading the operating system. So, this factor is mostly dependent upon your internet connection speed. Thus, it is essential o follow a high-speed internet connection to make the downloading process easy & fast. Slower internet connections reduce the downloading speed. Moreover, the size of the system to download matters a lot. As per the sources, Windows 10 operating system size is approximately 3.5GB. Thus, the downloading time depends upon the speed of the internet connection.

Reasons For So Long Windows 10 Update Time

There are various reasons available for this issue. These factors affect so badly resulting in them so long time duration. We are enlisting some of those reasons for your understanding. So, you can look into them & find the bugs to fix quickly. It will lead to improving the performance of your system. Here are the reasons mentioned.

  • Slow internet connection used for downloading purposes
  • User traffic
  • Using the old hard disk drive
  • Conflicting software
  • Broken Windows update components

These are some factors in focus responsible to lower the speed. You should go through these & try to overcome them with better results.

Different Ways Available For Getting Rid of Slow Speed

There are various ways or techniques available to overcome the slow speed issue. Here we are trying to provide some of the best ways available for you people. You should apply them to your system for better results.

Way – 1 ) Making Use of Network Optimization

You can achieve the desired target by optimizing the network properly. So, you should go for faster internet connectivity by getting faster speed. You may purchase more bandwidth from the internet service provider as a solution.

Way – 2 ) Making Hard Drive Space Free

Windows 10 acquires a lot of space on the hard drive while the updates. So, It is essential to free up some space on the hard drive. You can go for deleting junk files and unnecessary files. It can be a tough task to delete these types of files manually. Thus, it is recommended to make use of some cleanup software available for easy purposes.

Way – 3 ) Deactivating Startup Programs

Many times, various applications run in the background. Those apps are not useful while the process of updating is going on. So, it is necessary to disable the startup programs for better results. You should learn ‘Programs & Apps Starting Automatically In Windows 10: How To Fix‘. Follow this technique to deactivate programs to save the internet data for actual updating operation. You can use it to boost or accelerate the speed of the updating procedure.

Way – 4 ) Making Use of Troubleshooting Option

There might be some system bugs available that affect the whole system. To get rid of it, there is an option called ‘troubleshooting’. So, you should make use of it. It will help to fix the broken component & speed up the system movement. Eventually, it will end up with finding & fixing the errors properly. Thus, it is useful t make use of this way of solving the problem. You will find the ‘How to Troubleshoot Bluetooth Issues on Windows‘ article very helpful.

You can adhere to any or all of these ways to overcome the update time issue.


In this way, by making use of the above-mentioned information in different ways, you can find the solution. You should focus to free up space for updating data. This detailed tutorial will surely help you to get out of this issue completely. When you will apply these various ways, your system speed will accelerate to save the downloading & installing updates time duration.

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