How to Delete Multiple Contacts on iPhone

iPhone is a very popular product by Apple. Its use is so wide over the world. It is a device you can use for various useful purposes. Thus, nowadays, iPhone is a symbol of high technology. Moreover, Apple always tries to give more advanced technology users. There are different types of applications available for users. ‘Contacts’ is also a useful app. Sometimes, you are in need to delete your contacts. But, many users don’t know ‘How to Delete Multiple Contacts on iPhone?’. It is not a difficult task to perform. Various ways are available to get rid of this issue. We are focusing more to resolve this point in various aspects. So, you can easily try this out. We have also covered the article on ‘How to Factory Reset iPhone Without Password‘. Let’s have a quick look at ‘How to Delete Multiple Contacts on iPhone?’.

How to Delete Multiple Contacts on iPhone?

It is a moment when you need to delete your contacts. Thus, there is no special provision for iPhone. So, you need to go another way to execute it successfully. You should not worry about it. We are delivering here a tutorial on ‘How to Delete Multiple Contacts on iPhone?’. This elaborative tutorial will provide you with the possible ways to perform this operation. On the other hand, you should be ready to grab this golden opportunity here. You can easily apply these methods to your system to get the expected results. Eventually, you will satisfy with these outcomes surely.

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Need to Delete Multiple Contacts on iPhone

Sometimes, this need occurs because of personal reasons also. Suppose, you are working in any corporate office. So, it is essential to save the contacts of many people. But, if you wish to change the same work, you should delete the contacts. Thus, it becomes essential to delete them permanently. Deleting them one by one can be hectic work. So, the method for deleting multiple contacts should be applied to save your time & energy. That is why we are taking you through this informative tutorial now.

Methods Available to Execute This Operation

There are various methods available to perform this operation successfully. We are providing here some of them for you. Simply go through them & apply them to your system also.

Method – 1 ) For Mac

There is a systematic procedure available for Mac. So, you should go through the steps given below to complete the action. It includes the use of iCloud for executing it properly.

1 ) Choose the ‘iCloud’ Option

First of all, you should open your system. Then, open the ‘System Preferences’ segment. Under this section, choose the iCloud’ option to proceed to the next operation. It is available on the downward side of the window displayed.

Method 1 How to Delete Multiple Contacts on iPhone Step 1

2 ) Sign in to iCloud

Further, it is necessary to sign in to iCloud. So, use the same Apple ID of your iPhone to do this needful process. Here, you are requested to enter the ID & password to proceed ahead. Do the same.

signing in to iCloud

3 ) Select the ‘Contacts’ Application

Now, it is time to move toward the ‘Contacts’ application. So, go back to your home screen. Scroll down on the screen displayed & click on the application icon there.

contacts application window

4 ) Click on the ‘Delete Cards’ Button

As per our target, you should reach the actual contacts page here. Thus, simply hold the ‘Command’ button & click on the contacts from the list you wish to delete. It is necessary to choose them properly. So, do it with proper attention. Then, right-click on the selected contacts list. There will be various options displayed on the screen for operation. Thus, click on the ‘Delete Cards’ button. It will lead to opening the confirmation window here.

delete cards option

5 ) Choose the ‘Delete’ Button

When you are done with the above procedure, a window will prompt on the screen. So, click on the ‘Delete’ option there.

deleting the contacts

By doing this operation, your selected contacts will get deleted. Ultimately, your changes will update your iPhone properly.

Method – 2 ) For PC

Similarly, there is a process available for PCs also. All you need to do is to go through the steps given below. It will eventually result in the expected results.

1 ) Open Your Browser

The very first thing you need to do is to open your browser. So, do the same & navigate to

Method 2 How to Delete Multiple Contacts on iPhone Step 1

2 ) Sign in to iCloud

After that, you should sign in to iCloud with the ID & password that you use for the iPhone.

signing in to iCloud

3 ) Choose the ‘Contacts’ App

Now, go to the home screen of the computer. Then, click on the ‘Contacts’ application. It is useful for further operation.

choosing the contacts app

4 ) Select the Contacts

Hold the ‘Control’ key & select the contacts you wish to delete. So, perform this action neatly. It is a very important step to do.

5 ) Press the ‘Delete’ Button

Now, you are done with all the things. So, simply press the ‘Delete’ button to delete them permanently. The automatic syncing technique will lead to refreshing your iPhone with these changes.

Method – 3 ) Making Use of Third-Party App

The alternative option for the above issue is to use a third-party application. So, you can go using the ‘Groups’ application. Follow the steps given below to execute it properly.

1 ) Install and Open the ‘Groups’ App

First, download & install the ‘Groups’ app. Then, click on that to open it.

Method 3 How to Delete Multiple Contacts on iPhone Step 1

2 ) Select All Contacts from the Groups List

Here, allow Groups access to the contacts when prompted on the screen. Select all the contacts from the Groups list. It is a must-do thing here. Choose the contacts & mark them one by one you wish to delete.

contacts window

3 ) Delete Contacts

Further, click on the ‘Choose Action’ option available there on the top. So, from the various options here, click on the ‘Delete Contacts’ option from the menu.

contacts deleting operation

4 ) ‘Remove from my iPhone!’

It is essential to confirm it again. So, tap on the ‘Remove from my iPhone!’ option. This action will remove the selected contacts permanently.


That’s all about deleting multiple iPhone contacts at a time. So, we hope that this elaborative information will help you to get rid of this issue easily. In case you delete some important contacts by mistake, you can use the ‘Disk Drill’ application for that. Stay tuned with us for such informative tutorials on this platform.

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