How to Turn Off Auto Update on iPhone

Apple iOS is powerful in terms of update scenarios. Thus, it provides more security to users. It helps the system to be up-to-date. That is why it becomes more essential in terms of all facilities. So, the latest software versions play a vital role in this segment. This overall facility makes your system so powerful in many aspects. It is the magic of the auto-updates facility. Sometimes it is essential to turn them off. But, many users don’t have any idea about ‘How to Turn Off Auto Update on iPhone?’. No need to worry at all. We are ready here with the proper solution for you people. You may come across several issues with this problem. So, it becomes necessary to know ‘How to Turn Off Auto Update on iPhone?’.

How to Turn Off Auto Update on iPhone?

Auto-updates help more to keep your phone with the latest updates. Moreover, it offers you the best user experience & also fixes the bugs that were present in the previous update version. Sometimes, you face the issues like battery drainage or data limit. We are delivering here a detailed tutorial on ‘How to Turn Off Auto Update on iPhone?’. This process will provide you with many advantages also. So, stay focused on this overall process. On the other end, make your healthy presence in this journey. You will surely end up with solid & positive results.

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Reasons to Turn Off Auto Update on iPhone

There may be various reasons that are responsible to turn off the auto-updates facility. All of them maybe make an effect on the overall system. But, we are focusing more on some major issues that arise in a general format. Thus, you can be aware of the pros & cons of this activity. The reasons are as follows.

  • Battery Drainage Issue: This is the most commonly observed reason for this action to take place. If you are facing the low-battery issue, & if at the same moment, updates arise, it becomes hectic. You can’t have control over that as the settings are not changed. So, it requires more battery for your phone. Eventually, it may result in low-performance problems. So, simply turning them off can make a huge difference.
  • Data Limit Exhausting Issue: The auto-updates may require more quantity of data from your network. Thus, in case you need your network data at the time of the updates, you become helpless. You can’t avoid it as the lack of settings you do. Thus, it may create a panic situation to tackle. T avoid this unwanted situation to take place, you need to turn it off.

Various Methods Available to Perform This Operation

There are different methods to resolve the issue. But, for the sake of convenience, we are providing here some of them for you people. Make use of them & achieve the desired target to turn them off. So, just go through them properly.

Method – 1 ) Turning Off Auto App Updates on iPhone

You can easily turn off the application’s auto-updates. Thus, there is a systematic process available to execute this operation successfully. All you are required is to follow the steps given below. So, go through them.

1 ) Choose the ‘Settings’ Option

First of all, you should choose the ‘Settings’ application. So, go to your iPhone’s home screen & select this app for further operational purposes. Do the same here.

Method 1 How to Turn Off Auto Update on iPhone Step 1

2 ) Select the ‘App Store’ Option

Further, you should choose the ‘App Store’ option. So, it is situated in the middle portion of the window displayed. Click on that to move ahead.

app store option window

3 ) Turning Off the Auto Updates

Now, you will reach the ‘App Store’ window. So, on the upper side of the window, you will observe the ‘Auto Updates’ option available. Thus, simply toggle the switch towards the left side to make it off.

app updates window display

Thus, by doing this operation your app auto-updates will be turned off.

Method – 2 ) Turning Off Software Updates on iPhone

Similar to the above way, this is also an important one. The software is also an integral part of the system. So, they also have the updates. That is why it is essential to turn them off too. Go through the steps provided below to operate successfully.

1 ) Choose the ‘Settings’ Application

In the same as we discussed above, choose the ‘Settings’ application. This is a very important option to select for further operation.

Method 2 How to Turn Off Auto Update on iPhone Step 1

2 ) Choose the ‘General’ Option

As soon as you reach here, get the ‘General’ option. In this scenario, this option plays a vital role. So, do the same.

general option window

3 ) Select the ‘Software Update’ Option

After that, you should select the ‘Software Update’ option. So, you will find it below the ‘About’ option. Click on that to proceed ahead.

software update window display

4 ) Select the ‘Automatic Updates’ Option

Now, it will lead to opening another window on the screen. So, here you will get the ‘Automatic Updates’ option. It is available on the upper side of the window. So, choose it for the next purpose.

automatic update window

5 ) Turning Off Phase

Eventually, you will lead to this window. Turn off the switch that shows the ‘Install iOS Updates’ option. Thus, it will resist the auto-updates in a good manner. So, in this way, your software updates will be turned off successfully.

turning off phase window display to Turn Off Auto Update on iPhone

Hence, you will get rid of the auto-updates related to software.


In this way, it’s all about the auto-update turning off processes. With the application of these methods, you will get rid of the various problems regarding the updates facility in iPhones. Once you turn off this system, you can easily do the updates manually. Later, you can make use of the faster network or the wi-fi media for this purpose. Moreover, you can carry out it at your convenience. If you are willing to enable the auto-updates again, then it is also possible, Just go with the flow described above & make the necessary changes there.

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