How to Change iPhone Password

Password is an entity useful for security purposes. All the devices are nowadays secured with this feature. So, how can Apple iPhone stay behind?. There is a high-security system for iPhone users too. So, Apple focuses more on biometric security. But, even after this strong facility, password plays a vital role. Facilities like Face ID or Touch ID are useful. But, many times we can’t access them. It requires a password there. Many users don’t know ‘How to Change iPhone Password?’. Do not bother at all. We are ready with the proper solution for you people. Here you will get thorough information regarding this important topic. We have also covered the article on ‘How to Delete Multiple Contacts on iPhone‘. Thus, for the safety measures, you need to know ‘How to Change iPhone Password?’.

How to Change iPhone Password?

generally, users set the easy passwords for their convenience. But, it may cause danger for them. Moreover, there is a possibility of easily hacking their device. It may cause adverse effects on the security system. So, you should keep in mind to protect your system. We are ready with the detailed tutorial on ‘How to Change iPhone Password?’. The main motto behind this activity is only to protect the system from unnecessary hacking processes. That is why you should be aware of this scenario. Thus, we assure you that this elaborative data will provide you with a proper solution. On the other end, involve yourself with full positivity. This will be a great journey.

Reasons For Password Change

Various reasons are responsible for this purpose. So, it is essential to be aware of these all. Moreover, safety is more important to resist further hazardous effects. So, we are taking you through some of the important reasons here. Simply, go through them from the information point of view.

  • To Protect Your Phone From the Hacking Issue: Nowadays, the hacking issue has a tremendous effect on the system. So, if you keep your password on a ‘Weak’ range or easy, it can be hacked so quickly. Thus, from the safety point of view, you should change it & make it quite strong. You can use the alphanumeric combination which will be difficult to hack easily. So, it is the main reason to change it properly.
  • Face or Touch Recognition Issue: If you are making use of these ways, you can face the issue. Sometimes, it becomes difficult for your phone to recognize the face or touch it properly. Thus, it may result in locking the phone. Eventually, it will lead to uncomfortable for the users. So, to get rid of this issue, it is required to change the password.

Useful Methods to Change iPhone Password

As discussed before, changing the password is a very integral task. So, you should go for its application. There are various methods available to make this operation happen. But, we are dealing here with some of them for your convenience. Do adhere to them for simplicity.

Method – 1 ) Changing the Face ID iPhone Lock Screen Password

There is a systematic process available to change the face ID iPhone lock screen password. All you need to do is to go through the steps given below. Thus, go through them to execute the operation properly.

1 ) Choose the ‘Settings’ Application

First of all, go to the home screen of your iPhone. Then, move towards the ‘Settings’ app available n the screen displayed. Click on that to proceed ahead.

Method 1 How to Change iPhone Password Step 1

2 ) Select the ‘Face ID & Passcode’ Option

Further, you will reach the ‘Settings’ options window. So, you will see the various options available here. Thus, choose the ‘Face ID & Passcode’ from the list.

face & id passcode window

3 ) Enter the Passcode Window

Now, the phone will ask you for the passcode to enter. Thus, simply add the previous code here.

password entering phase

4 ) Click on the ‘Change Passcode’ Option

Moving ahead, click on the ‘Change Passcode’ option available on the screen. It is a very important step to perform here.

change passcode option window to Change iPhone Password

5 ) Choose the Passcode Option

Here you will see the various options to select the password category. So, you can choose any of these.

password entering category

6 ) Add the New Passcode

It is time to change the passcode here. So, add your new passcode properly at this place.

new passcode entry

7 ) Verifying the Passcode

Further, it is essential to verify your passcode entered in the previous stage. Thus, crosscheck it neatly. It is very helpful for security purposes.

passcode verification phase to Change iPhone Password

Thus, with the help of the above steps, you can easily change the passcode of the face ID iPhone lock screen password.

Method – 2 ) Changing the Touch ID & Passcode

Similarly, there is a facility for the ‘Touch ID & Passcode’ manner also. Thus, just go through the steps given below to execute it successfully. Go for it now.

1 ) Choose the ‘Settings’ Application

The very first you should go for is to your home screen. So, just move towards it. Then, click on the ‘Settings’ app available on the screen.

Method 2 How to Change iPhone Password Step 1

2 ) Select the ‘Touch ID & Passcode’ Option

Moving ahead, you will reach the ‘Settings’ window on the screen. Here you will get a list of various options. So, choose the ‘Touch ID & Passcode’ option for the further procedure to execute. So, do the same.

touch Id & passcode window

3 ) Entering the Passcode

Your phone will demand the passcode. So, add here your previous password neatly. You are expected to add the correct passcode at this stage.

password entry window

4 ) Click on the ‘Change Passcode’ Option

Further, a window with various options will appear on the screen. Thus, simply click on the ‘Change Passcode’ option here to proceed ahead.

password changing window

5 ) Choose the Category

Here you will be asked to choose the category of the passcode you wish to set. So, choose any of them at your convenience.

password category window

6 ) Enter the New Passcode

You should now add the new passcode at this place. So, choose it wisely & enter here.

new passcode entry window

7 ) Verification Phase

It is essential to verify the passcode entered in the previous step. So, crosscheck it properly. Then, you can move ahead.

passcode verification window to Change iPhone Password


In this way, it’s all about changing the iPhone passcode. Thus, we expect that you will be satisfied with this elaborative tutorial. Stay tuned to get more informative tutorials on this platform.

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