Slow Desktop Right Click Menu In Windows 10: How To Fix

Windows 10 system delivers many benefits to users. Further, there are various key features available. In addition, you can use them to have better access. A desktop context menu is an effective tool available on the system. Moreover, it is popular as a Desktop right-click menu. It is useful for quickly accessing ‘Settings & display settings’ & creating a new folder. So, it is effective in various ways. Sometimes you face the problem of slowing down this function on your system. It is easy to resolve it. But, many users are unaware of ‘Slow Desktop Right Click Menu In Windows 10: How To Fix?’. No need to worry at all about it. We are ready with the solution for you. So, you will get thorough information about the same. We have also covered the article on ‘Keyboard Not Working At Windows 10 Login Screen: How To Fix‘. Thus, let’s take a look at ‘Slow Desktop Right Click Menu In Windows 10: How To Fix?’.

Slow Desktop Right Click Menu In Windows 10: How To Fix?’

Many times, this function operates after around 4 seconds. So, it creates a panic situation when you are doing important work. Moreover, this time lag may affect the workflow easily. It is essential to know the remedy for getting out of it. We are delivering here a tutorial on ‘Slow Desktop Right Click Menu In Windows 10: How To Fix?’. You can resolve this issue easily with the help of the following data. So, you should go for using this in your system also. Do not miss this opportunity. Let’s begin the tutorial now.

Methods Available For This purpose

There are different types of methods available for this purpose. But, we are delivering some of them for you.

Method – 1 ) Making Use of ‘Windows Registry Editor’

‘Windows Registry Editor’ is an effective tool available for this issue. When you need to make some changes in the operational keys or the functions, you should move towards the Registry editor. All you need to do is to bring some changes into action with the necessary operations. Thus, simply go through the steps given below to do so.

1 ) Open the ‘Run Window’

It is essential to go for the ‘Run Window’ option as a prior step before moving towards the ‘Registry editor’. So, press the ‘Windows key + R’ together to open the ‘Run Window’. So, do the same to see the window as shown below.

Method 1 Slow Desktop Right Click Menu In Windows 10: How To Fix Step 1

2 ) Add the Command

After that, enter the ‘Regedit’ command in the specified box on the screen. It is a shortcut form to open the registry editor window. So, put it in the right place. Then, either click on the ‘OK’ option. You can also press the Enter key for this purpose. This operation will lead to opening the registry editor for your necessary operations.

run window display

3 ) Go to the ‘ContextMenuHandlers’ Option

Moving ahead, follow the path provided below to select the ‘ContextMenuHandlers’ option. This is a must step to perform.

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\Background\ shellex\ContextMenuHandlers

This is a very important step in this whole operation. So, choose it for further operation.

regestry editor window

4 ) Delete the ‘igfxcui’ Key

Moving ahead, expand the above key option. Then, choose the ‘igfxcui’ key. Further, right-click on that & choose the ‘Delete’ option to remove it from there.

'igfxcui' Key window

5 ) Delete the ‘NvCplDesktop’ Key

In addition to the above, you should choose the ‘NvCplDesktop’ key. Then, right-click on that & choose the ‘Delete’ option from the various options available on the screen.

NvCplDesktop' Key window display To Fix Slow Desktop Right Click Menu In Windows 10

Thus, you can recognize the issue easily & can speed up the system easily.

Method – 2 ) Making Use of the ‘System Configuration’

‘System Configuration’ is also a very important & useful tool to use for solving this issue. There is a collaboration of systems regarding settings. So, some changes at this place may bring considerable changes in the operation you are performing.

1 ) Open the ‘Run Window’

‘Run Window’ is a very useful short form useful to execute the operation. Thus, you can simply add any command there to execute the operation. So, it is really helpful in this process. Press the ‘Windows key + R’ together to open it. It will display as shown below.

Method 2 Slow Desktop Right Click Menu In Windows 10: How To Fix Step 1

2 ) Add the Command

Further, add the ‘MSConfig’ command to open the ‘System Configuration’ window. So, add this command at the specified box shown on the screen window. Then, click on the ‘OK’ button below that. Moreover, you can press the Enter key to proceed further.

run window display

3 ) Choose the ‘Selective startup’ Segment

Now, the ‘System Configuration’ window will appear here. Moving ahead, check the ‘Load system services’ option & uncheck the ‘Load startup items’ under the ‘Selective startup’ segment to move ahead.

system configuration window

4 ) Choose the ‘Disable all’ Option

Now, choose the ‘Services’ tab here. Then, choose the ‘Hide all Microsoft services option available on the downward side of the window. When are done with this activity, select the ‘Disable all’ option available on the right-hand side of the displayed window screen?

disable all option window

5 ) Click on the ‘Open Task Manager’

In addition to the above step, you should click on the ‘Open Task Manager’ option to go for it. It is a very needful step to perform for the sake of boosting the speed. So, just go with this flow to do the necessary operations.

open task manager window display

6 ) Choose the ‘Disable’ Option

Now, the ‘Task Manger’ window will pop up on the screen. Here you can observe the various options displayed. Thus, choose the ‘Startup’ tab to go for the operation. Now, right-click on the application you want to disable. So, let’s suppose, you choose here the ‘f.lux’ application. Then, right-click on that & choose the ‘Disable’ option. So, it will disable from the list.

disabling window

7 ) Go to the ‘Startup selection’ Segment

Now, come to the home page. So, choose the ‘Normal startup’ option to load all devices & drivers from the screen displayed. This is a very essential operation for reaching the desired output as a result.

startup selection window To Fix Slow Desktop Right Click Menu In Windows 10

8 ) Choose the ‘Restart’ Option

Now, the comes for the restarting operation. So, when you go for this phase, a pop-up window will appear on the screen. It will show the 2 options like ‘Restart’ & ‘Exit without restart’ options. So, choose the ‘Restart’ option as the next step towards the desired operation.

restart option window To Fix Slow Desktop Right Click Menu In Windows 10

Thus, you can use this way also.

In this way, following the above-mentioned methods, you can successfully carry out the operation.

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