Samson Kayo Age, Facts, Networth, Spouce, Biography

Samson Kayo Interesting Facts: Samson Kayo Is Also Known As 山姆森·卡約.

Samson Kayo was born on 20 June 1991 in London, England, UK. He is an actor and writer, known for Bloods (2021), Our Flag Means Death (2022) and The Bubble (2022).

Samson Kayo
(Source: TMDB)
Birth Date / Birthday20th June, 1991
People Also Call山姆森·卡約
Best Known ForActing
Birth PlaceEngland, UK

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Samson Kayo Biography Details

Samson Kayo is an English actor and writer, born on June 20th, 1991 in London, England (UK), which is best known for his roles in the forthcoming films Bloods (2021), Our Flag Means Death (2022) and The Bubble (2022) Kayo began his career when he was cast in the BBC Three Comedy series Famalam where he played the role of ‘Rik’, before appearing in the Netflix Comedy series Bloods alongside Susan Wokoma, Malachi Kirby and Adela

Samson Kayo Social Media Handles

Samson Kayo Popularity: With a popularity score of 4.308, Samson Kayo is indeed a popular figure in the industry.


Samson Kayo Work History

Samson Kayo’s Previous Work: Samson Kayo has showcased exceptional performances in several films, some of which are included in the following table.

TitleCharacterRelease Date
The WeekendTiny02 December 2016
Truth SeekersElton John30 October 2020
Death to 2020Pyrex Flask27 December 2020
Death to 2021Pyrex Flask27 December 2021
The TridentBaby Bear (voice)28 February 2023
The BubbleBola25 March 2022
Drink, Drugs and KFC13 April 2011
Puss in Boots: The Last WishBaby Bear (voice)07 December 2022
My Mother’s WeddingUnknown
Boxing DayJoseph03 December 2021
DolittlePirate02 January 2020

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Some Interesting Facts About Samson Kayo [Video]

Frequently Asked Questions About Samson Kayo

Here is the list of some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) with Answers. Please go through it to get a better idea about the person (Samson Kayo). If you still have any queries then feel free to ask us in the comment section below.

1. What inspired Samson Kayo to pursue a career in acting?

Answer: Samson Kayo was inspired from a very young age to pursue a career in acting – was inspired by the stories his parents told him about their own experiences as well as the characters he saw on television and movies – and also found inspiration in the stories he read in books and magazines – was inspired by the idea of being able to tell stories and express himself through acting.

2. What is Samson Kayo’s earliest acting role?

Answer: Samson Kayo’s first acting role was in the BBC Three – Comedy series Famalam in 2018. He played the role of Junior, a young wannabe rapper.

3. What other projects has Samson Kayo been involved in besides acting?

Answer: In addition to his acting career, Samson Kayo has also been involved in various other projects: he is a presenter for BBC Radio 1Xtra, he has written and directed a short film called “Lunch” and has also released a music single titled “We Got This” He also presented a show for BBC Three called “Famalam”, he has also been featured in several commercials and also wrote and performed comedy sketches for BBC Radio 4.

4. What is the most challenging role that Samson Kayo has taken on?

Answer: The most challenging role Samson Kayo has taken on is his role in the British comedy series Famalam : in this role he plays the character of Junior, a young man who is struggling to find his place in the world. His character has to deal with a variety of different issues from trying to fit in with his family and friends to navigating the complexities of adulthood. This role requires him both to be comedic and dramatic and he has shown great skill in balancing the two.

5. What is the most memorable moment from Samson Kayo’s career so far?

Answer: One of the most memorable moments from Samson Kayo’s career to date is when he won the BAFTA Breakthrough Award for 2021. This award is presented to emerging talent in the UK television industry and is a major recognition of Kayo’s talent and success. This was a major milestone in his career and is a moment that he will always remember.

6. What advice does Samson Kayo have for aspiring actors?

Answer: Samson Kayo’s advice for aspiring actors is to never give up and to keep pushing forward, no matter how difficult things may seem, he also recommends that aspiring actors take classes and workshops to perfect their craft, be open to criticism and feedback and to take risks. Lastly, he encourages aspiring actors to be patient and to trust the process, as it can take time to get to where you want to be.

7. What has been Samson Kayo’s most rewarding experience as an actor?

Answer: Samson Kayo’s most rewarding experience as an actor has been the opportunity to tell stories and explore different characters that challenge his own perceptions of the world and found it incredibly rewarding to be able to bring his own unique perspective to the roles he plays and to have the opportunity to collaborate with other creatives to bring stories to life.

8. What is the most important lesson Samson Kayo has learned throughout his career?

Answer: The most important lesson that Samson Kayo has learned throughout his career is never give up and always strive for excellence. He believes that hard work, dedication and perseverance are keys to success and that success is only achievable if you put effort and stay focused on your goals. He also believes in the power of collaboration and the importance of surrounded with people who can help you reach your goals.

9. What has been the biggest highlight of Samson Kayo’s career?

Answer: The biggest highlight of Samson Kayo’s career is his role as lead in the critically acclaimed BBC Three comedy series Famalam, which has been praised for its unique blend of comedy and surrealism and Kayo has won a nomination for Best Male Performance in a Comedy Programme at the 2018 BAFTA Television Awards.

10. What is the best piece of advice Samson Kayo has ever received?

Answer: Samson Kayo’s best advice has ever been to “trust your instincts and stay true to yourself” This advice has helped him focus on his goals and to remain true to his values, it has also helped him to stay humble and not to get caught up in the success he has achieved.

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