Dwayne Johnson Age, Facts, Networth, Spouce, Biography

Dwayne Johnson Interesting Facts: Dwayne Johnson Is Also Known As The Rock, Rocky Maivia, The Brahma Bull, The Corporate Champion, Двейн Джонсон, Скеля, Big Bull, 드웨인 존슨, Flex Kavana, Dwayne Douglas Johnson, Ντουέιν Ντάγκλας Τζόνσον, Ντουέιν Τζόνσον, 道恩·强森, La Roca, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, دوين جونسون, الصخرة, 巨石強森, ഡ്വെയ്ൻ ജോൺസൺ, The Peoples Champion, The Great One, Скала, דווין ג’ונסון, ドウェイン・ジョンソン, ロック様, ザ・ロック.

An American and Canadian actor, producer and semi-retired professional wrestler, Johnson signed with WWE. Johnson is half-Black and half Samoan. His father, Rocky Johnson, is a black Canadian from Nova Scotia and part of the first Black tag team champions in WWE history when it was known as the WWF alongside Tony Atlas. His mother is Samoan and the daughter of Peter Maivia, who was also pro wrestler. Maivia’s wife, Lia Maivia, took over Polynesian Pacific Pro Wrest

Dwayne Johnson
(Source: TMDB)
Birth Date / Birthday2nd May, 1972
People Also CallThe Rock, Rocky Maivia, The Brahma Bull, The Corporate Champion, Двейн Джонсон, Скеля, Big Bull, 드웨인 존슨, Flex Kavana, Dwayne Douglas Johnson, Ντουέιν Ντάγκλας Τζόνσον, Ντουέιν Τζόνσον, 道恩·强森, La Roca, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, دوين جونسون, الصخرة, 巨石強森, ഡ്വെയ്ൻ ജോൺസൺ, The Peoples Champion, The Great One, Скала, דווין ג’ונסון, ドウェイン・ジョンソン, ロック様, ザ・ロック
Best Known ForActing
Birth PlaceHayward, California, USA

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Dwayne Johnson Biography Details

Dwayne Johnson is an American and Canadian actor, producer and semi-retired professional wrestler. His father, Rocky Johnson is a black Canadian from Nova Scotia and part of the first black tag team champions in WWE history when WWF was known alongside Tony Atlas. His mother is Samoan and the daughter of Peter Maivia, a pro wrestler who took over Polynesian Pacific Pro Wrestling after his death. Johnson has since become a successful actor, appearing in big blockbuster films such as

Dwayne Johnson Social Media Handles

Dwayne Johnson Popularity: With a popularity score of 29.511, Dwayne Johnson is indeed a popular figure in the industry.


Dwayne Johnson Work History

Dwayne Johnson’s Previous Work: Dwayne Johnson has showcased exceptional performances in several films, some of which are included in the following table.

TitleCharacterRelease Date
The RundownBeck26 September 2003
Southland TalesBoxer Santaros / Jericho Cane14 November 2007
Walking TallChris Vaughn02 April 2004
Tooth FairyDerek Thompson / Tooth Fairy14 January 2010
The Scorpion KingMathayus / The Scorpion King18 April 2002
Gridiron GangSean Porter15 September 2006
The Game PlanJoe Kingman28 September 2007
Race to Witch MountainJack Bruno12 March 2009
FasterDriver23 November 2010
WWE Survivor Series 2001The Rock18 November 2001
Planet 51Capt. Charles ‘Chuck’ Baker (voice)19 November 2009
Journey 2: The Mysterious IslandHank Parsons19 January 2012
The Rock: The Epic Journey of Dwayne JohnsonThe Rock21 February 2012
WWE WrestleMania XXVIIIThe Rock01 April 2012
WWE Royal Rumble 2002The Rock20 January 2002
WWE Royal Rumble 1999The Rock25 January 1999
SnitchJohn Matthews21 February 2013
WWE WrestleMania 29The Rock07 April 2013
HerculesHercules23 July 2014
WWE Elimination Chamber 2013The Rock17 February 2013
WWE Unforgiven 2000The Rock24 September 2000
WWE WrestleMania X-SevenThe Rock01 April 2001
WWE Unforgiven 1999The Rock26 September 1999
WWE WrestleMania XVThe Rock28 March 1999
WWE Backlash 2000The Rock30 April 2000
WWE Rebellion 1999The Rock02 October 1999
WWE SummerSlam 2000The Rock27 August 2000
WWF Fully Loaded 2000The Rock23 July 2000
WWE Insurrextion 2000The Rock06 May 2000
WWE Vengeance 2002The Rock21 July 2002
WWE Global WarningThe Rock10 August 2002
WWE Backlash 2003The Rock27 April 2003
WWE No Way Out 2003The Rock23 February 2003
WWF: The Rock – The People’s ChampThe Rock25 April 2000
The Rock – Just Bring It!The Rock08 January 2002
WWF: The Rock – Know Your RoleThe Rock24 November 1998
WWF: Funniest MomentsThe Rock26 March 2002
RampageDavis Okoye11 April 2018
WWE: Attitude Era: Vol. 2The Rock03 November 2014
Jungle CruiseFrank Wolff28 July 2021
WWE Collection Volume 2: Know Your Role08 September 2015
BaywatchMitch Buchanan25 May 2017
San AndreasRay Gaines27 May 2015
Jumanji: Welcome to the JungleDr. Xander ‘Smolder’ Bravestone09 December 2017
WWE: The Rock: The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment – Vol. 3The Rock01 May 2011
WWE: The Rock: The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment Vol. 1The Rock/Rocky Maivia20 May 2008
WWE: The Rock: The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment – Vol. 2The Rock01 May 2010
G.I. Joe: RetaliationMarvin Hinton / Roadblock27 March 2013
SkyscraperWill Sawyer11 July 2018
Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & ShawLuke Hobbs01 August 2019
Black AdamBlack Adam / Teth Adam19 October 2022
Rock and a Hard PlaceHimself27 March 2017
Jumanji: The Next LevelDr. Smolder Bravestone04 December 2019
Red NoticeJohn Hartley04 November 2021
The KingKing KamehamehaUnknown
John Henry and the StatesmenJohn HenryUnknown
WWF: Best of Raw – Vol. 124 November 1998
Mickey’s 90th SpectacularHimself16 October 2018
Ball and ChainEdgar BulsonUnknown
The Rock’s Most Electrifying MatchesThe Rock26 May 2020
WWE: The Attitude EraThe Rock20 November 2012
WWE Halftime HeatThe Rock31 January 1999
DC League of Super-PetsKrypto the Superdog (voice)27 July 2022
Red OneCallum DriftUnknown
Jungle Cruise 2Frank WolffUnknown
Red Notice 2John HartleyUnknown
Red Notice 3John HartleyUnknown
WWE: Monday Night War Vol. 2: Know Your RoleUnknown
Black Adam: Saviour or Destroyer?Self15 October 2022
Untitled Big Trouble in Little China SequelUnknown
MoanaMaui27 June 2025
Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs VS ReyesLuke HobbsUnknown
DoomSarge20 October 2005
WWE: Greatest Wrestling Stars of the ’90sThe Rock14 April 2009
WWE SummerSlam 2002The Rock25 August 2002
Pain & GainPaul Doyle18 April 2013
Empire StateDetective James Ransome03 September 2013
WWE No Way Out 2001The Rock25 February 2001
WWE Survivor Series 1999The Rock14 November 1999
WWE Backlash: In Your HouseThe Rock25 April 1999
WWE No Mercy 2000The Rock22 October 2000
WWE Rebellion 2000The Rock02 December 2000
WWE Judgment Day 2000The Rock21 May 2000
WWE SummerSlam 2001The Rock19 August 2001
WWE Rebellion 2001The Rock03 November 2001
WWE Vengeance 2001The Rock09 December 2001
WWE: The Rock vs John Cena: Once in a Lifetime11 September 2012
Brock Lesnar: Best of the BeastHimself28 March 2014
Central IntelligenceBob Stone15 June 2016
MoanaMaui (voice)13 October 2016
Gone FishingMaui (voice)21 February 2017
WWF: Best of Raw – Vol. 1&2The Rock07 August 2001
WWF: Chris Jericho – Break Down the Walls21 November 2000
My Way: The Life and Legacy of Pat PattersonThe Rock24 January 2021
Get SmartAgent 2319 June 2008
Fast & Furious 6Hobbs21 May 2013
WWE Wrestlemania XIXThe Rock30 March 2003
WWE Royal Rumble 2000The Rock23 January 2000
WWE WrestleMania 2000The Rock02 April 2000
WWE Unforgiven 2001The Rock23 September 2001
WWE SummerSlam 1998The Rock30 August 1998
WWE Over the EdgeThe Rock23 May 1999
WWE Armageddon 2000The Rock10 December 2000
WWF: Mick Foley – Hard Knocks & Cheap PopsThe Rock07 August 2001
WWF: Undertaker The PhenomThe Rock24 November 1998
WWE: The Videos Ramped Up Vol. 1The Rock01 October 2002
The Fate of the FuriousHobbs12 April 2017
WWE: Top 50 Superstars of All TimeThe Rock07 December 2010
WWE: Triple H: Thy Kingdom ComeThe Rock24 September 2013
WWE: Best Pay-Per-View Matches of 2013the rock31 December 2013
WWE: Monday Night War Vol. 1: Shots FiredThe Rock07 July 2015
Voice of the IslandsHimself07 March 2017
WWE: Greatest Stars Of The 90’sThe Rock12 February 2013
For All Mankind – The Life and Career of Mick FoleyRocky Maivia / The Rock21 April 2013
WWE WrestleMania XXVIIThe Rock (Host)02 April 2011
Summer Game Fest 2022Self09 June 2022
WWE Survivor Series 2011The Rock21 November 2011
WWE Judgment Day: In Your HouseThe Rock18 October 1998
WWE Survivor Series 1998The Rock15 November 1998
WWE D-Generation X: In Your HouseRocky Maivia07 December 1997
WWE St. Valentine’s Day Massacre: In Your HouseThe Rock14 February 1999
WWE Rock Bottom: In Your HouseThe Rock13 December 1998
WWE Fully Loaded 1999The Rock25 July 1999
WWE No Way Out 2000The Rock27 February 2000
WWE King of the Ring 2000The Rock25 June 2000
The SheikHimself26 April 2014
Escape from Calypso IslandDuke Fontana31 October 2016
Biography: “Stone Cold” Steve AustinThe Rock18 April 2021
WWE King of the Ring 1998Rocky Maivia28 June 1998
WWE Capital CarnageThe Rock06 December 1998
WWE King of the Ring 1999The Rock27 June 1999
WWE SummerSlam 1999The Rock22 August 1999
WWE No Mercy 2001The Rock21 October 2001
WWE No Way Out 2002The Rock17 February 2002
WWF: Stone Cold Steve Austin: What?The Rock30 April 2002
WWE’s Biggest Knuckleheads08 February 2011
WWE: 30 Years of SummerSlam28 August 2018
WWE: Raw 10th AnniversaryThe Rock (archive footage)18 March 2003
The Top 100 Moments In Raw HistoryRock11 December 2012
Meeting Stone ColdDwayne “The Rock” Johnson16 March 2021
WWE Tagged Classics: Austin 3:16 Uncensored / Three Faces Of Foley / Chris Jericho: Break Down The Walls / Kurt Angle: Its TrueThe Rock17 September 2012
Biography: WWE Legends Kurt AngleSelf – WWE Legend31 July 2022
USIDent TV: Surveilling the SouthlandSelf18 March 2008
WWE: 50 Greatest Finishing Moves in WWE HistoryThe Rock12 August 2012
WWE: Triple H – That Damn GoodThe Rock24 June 2002
Fighting with My FamilyDwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson14 February 2019
WWE: The Best of King of the RingThe Rock13 December 2011
Kurt Angle: The Essential CollectionThe Rock (archive footage)01 August 2017
Rock Bottom Riserhimself09 September 2021
Never Forget: WWE Returns After 9/11The Rock10 September 2021
WWE Royal Rumble 1998Rocky Maivia18 January 1998
WWE In Your House 14: Revenge of the TakerRocky Maivia19 April 1997
WWE Fully Loaded: In Your HouseThe Rock26 July 1998
WWE Armageddon 1999The Rock12 December 1999
WWE: Greatest Superstars of the 21st CenturyThe Rock12 July 2011
WWE: John Cena’s Greatest RivalriesHimself14 October 2014
Stone Cold Steve Austin: The Bottom Line on the Most Popular Superstar of All TimeThe Rock29 November 2011
Randy Orton: The Evolution of a PredatorThe Rock (archive footage)06 September 2011
The True Story of WrestleManiaThe Rock (archive footage)13 March 2011
WWE: Brock Lesnar: Here Comes the PainSelf – Host11 August 2003
The Other GuysChristopher Danson06 August 2010
WWE Royal Rumble 2013The Rock27 January 2013
WWE Survivor Series 1996Rocky Maivia17 November 1996
Furious 7Hobbs01 April 2015
WWE: The Best of Raw – After the ShowThe Rock22 April 2014
WWE: The True Story of The Royal RumbleThe Rock06 December 2016
WWE: Best of the 2000’sThe Rock25 April 2017
The Mummy ReturnsMathayus / The Scorpion King04 May 2001
WWE Wrestlemania X8The Rock17 March 2002
WWE In Your House 13: Final FourRocky Maivia16 February 1997
Elvis: Viva Las VegasSelf16 September 2008
WWE: Best Pay-Per-View Matches 2012The Rock26 December 2012
WWE: Hell in a Cell – The Greatest Hell in a Cell Matches of All TimeThe Rock14 October 2008
To the Journey – Looking Back at Star Trek: VoyagerselfUnknown
WWE WrestleMania XIVRocky Maivia29 March 1998
WWE In Your House 15: A Cold Day in HellRocky Maivia11 May 1997
WWE: The Best of Raw 15th AnniversaryThe Rock26 December 2007
WWE: The Ladder MatchThe Rock05 June 2007
1997: Dawn of the AttitudeThe Rock (archive footage)03 October 2017
Millennials: The MusicalHimself29 November 2016
Iron and Beyond15 November 2002
Operation Filmmaker20 February 2008
Why Did I Get Married Too?Daniel Franklin (Uncredited)02 April 2010
WWE: 150 Best Pay-Per-View Matches, Vol 2The Rock01 January 2014
Starrcast V: The Roast of Ric FlairSelf29 July 2022
Fast FiveHobbs20 April 2011
WWE Over the Edge: In Your HouseThe Rock31 May 1998
WWE Survivor Series 1997Rocky Maivia09 November 1997
WWE: The Legacy of Stone Cold Steve AustinThe Rock12 February 2008
WWE: The Best of Raw & SmackDown 2012The Rock29 January 2013
Be CoolElliot Wilhelm04 March 2005
Hollywood Hulk Hogan: Hulk Still RulesThe Rock20 August 2002
WWE In Your House 12: It’s TimeRocky Maivia15 December 1996
WWE Breakdown: In Your HouseThe Rock27 September 1998
WWE: Wrestlemania RecallThe Rock01 February 2005
Breaking the Code: Behind the Walls of Chris JerichoThe Rock27 September 2010
WWE: Tombstone – The History of the UndertakerThe Rock23 August 2005
The Ladder Match 2: Crash & BurnThe Rock11 October 2011
30 Rock: A One-Time SpecialHimself16 July 2020
WWE RAW 100023 July 2012
WWE Survivor Series 2000The Rock19 November 2000
The Road is Jericho: Epic Stories and Rare Matches from Y2JThe Rock10 March 2015
WWE: 30 Years of Survivor Series24 October 2017
Beyond the MatHimself / The Rock22 October 1999
Owen Hart of GoldRocky Maivia08 December 2015
WWE: The Best of the Intercontinental ChampionshipRock25 January 2005
WWE No Mercy 1999The Rock17 October 1999
WWE: WrestleMania MondayThe Rock21 March 2017
WWE No Way Out of Texas: In Your HouseThe Rock15 February 1998
The Words That Built AmericaReader – Declaration of Independence04 July 2017
The History of WWE: 50 Years of Sports EntertainmentThe Rock18 November 2013
WWE Mayhem in ManchesterThe Rock03 April 1998
WWE WrestleMania 13Rocky Maivia23 March 1997
WWE Unforgiven: In Your HouseThe Rock25 April 1998
WWE: The History Of The World Heavyweight ChampionshipThe Rock15 December 2009
WWE Badd Blood: In Your HouseRocky Maivia05 October 1997
WWE: The History Of The Intercontinental ChampionshipRocky Maivia/The Rock25 November 2008
WWE: Mick Foley’s Greatest Hits & Misses – A Life in WrestlingThe Rock20 January 2004
The History of The WWE Hardcore Championship06 September 2016
WWE: The History Of The WWE ChampionshipThe Rock05 September 2006
Free GuyBank Robber #2 (voice)11 August 2021
WWE WrestleMania 31The Rock (Appearance)29 March 2015
WWE Royal Rumble 2001The Rock21 January 2001
LongshotMugger25 October 2001
Bret Hart: The Dungeon Collection19 March 2013
Trish & Lita – Best Friends, Better RivalsThe Rock11 June 2019
WWE WrestleMania 32The Rock03 April 2016
WWE: The Big Show – A Giant’s WorldThe Rock23 September 2011
WWE: Hulk Hogan: The Ultimate AnthologyThe Rock17 October 2006
WWE: Falls Count Anywhere: The Greatest Street Fights and Other Out of Control Matches15 May 2012
WWE: The Best Of In Your HouseThe Rock27 May 2013
WWE: OMG! The Top 50 Incidents in WWE History(archive footage)23 August 2011
WWE King of the Ring 2002The Rock23 June 2002
Straight Outta Dudleyville: The Legacy of the Dudley BoyzThe Rock (archive footage)12 April 2016
WWE Royal Rumble 1997Rocky Maivia19 January 1997
WWE: The Best of SmackDown – 10th Anniversary, 1999-2009The Rock (archive footage)03 January 2012
Jem and the HologramsDwayne Johnson22 October 2015
You AgainAir Marshall (Uncredited)23 September 2010
Fast XLuke Hobbs (uncredited)17 May 2023
WWE: Best of WWE at Madison Square GardenRocky Maivia13 August 2013
WWE Royal Rumble 2015The Rock (Appearance)25 January 2015
WWE WrestleMania XXThe Rock14 March 2004
WWE: 150 Best Pay-Per-View Matches, Vol 1The Rock11 March 2014
Reno 911!: MiamiRick Smith, S.W.A.T. (uncredited)23 February 2007
WWE WrestleMania XXXThe Rock (Appearance)06 April 2014

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dwayne Johnson

Here is the list of some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) with Answers. Please go through it to get a better idea about the person (Dwayne Johnson). If you still have any queries then feel free to ask us in the comment section below.

1. How did Dwayne Johnson get into acting?

Answer: Dwayne Johnson, also known as “The Rock” got his start in acting after a successful career as a professional wrestler. In 2001 he became acting when he was set in his first feature film The Mummy Returns. Johnson has since starred in numerous films, television shows and voice-over roles and has become one of Hollywood’s most recognizable and beloved actors.

2. What was Dwayne Johnson’s first major role in a movie?

Answer: The first major role of Dwayne Johnson in a movie was in The Mummy Returns (2001), playing the role of the Scorpion King, a powerful and ancient ruler who was resurrected to battle against the Mummy.

3. What is Dwayne Johnson’s ethnicity?

Answer: Dwayne Johnson is of African-American, Samoan and English descent.

4. How did Dwayne Johnson become involved with WWE?

Answer: He first became involved in WWE (formerly the World Wrestling Federation) in 1996, when he was offered a contract by the organization. Johnson had previously been a college football player and had made a number of appearances in the then-World Wrestling Federation as a referee and guest commentator and quickly rose to prominence in the organization and held numerous titles during his career, including the WWF/WWE Championship eight times and the WCW/World Championship twice. He has since retired from professional wrestling and works

5. What is Dwayne Johnson’s relationship to Peter Maivia?

Answer: Dwayne Johnson is the grandson of Peter Maivia – Peter Maivia was a professional wrestler and Johnson’s maternal grandfather – Johnson credited Maivia with inspiring him to pursue a career in wrestling.

6. What is Dwayne Johnson’s connection to Tony Atlas?

Answer: Dwayne Johnson and Tony Atlas have a long time of friendship: Johnson was trained by Atlas in the late 1990s when Johnson was first starting into professional wrestling and Atlas has been Johnson’s manager throughout his early career. The two have remained close friends ever since and Atlas made a special appearance at Johnson’s wedding in 2019.

7. What is Dwayne Johnson’s relationship to Lia Maivia?

Answer: Dwayne Johnson is the grandson of Lia Maivia, a wrestling promoter and the first female president of the Polynesian Wrestling Alliance. Johnson has credited Maivia with inspiring him to become a professional wrestler.

8. What is Dwayne Johnson’s most successful movie?

Answer: The most successful film by Dwayne Johnson is Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017), which has grossed over $962 million worldwide.

9. What is Dwayne Johnson’s most notable WWE moment?

Answer: Dwayne Johnson’s most notable WWE moment is his return to the WWE at WrestleMania XXVII in 2011 – he made a surprise appearance at the event, interrupting a match between John Cena and The Miz and then returning a Rock Bottom to The Miz – setting Cena up to win the match – this moment marked the beginning of Johnson’s return to the WWE and his subsequent success in the company.

10. What is Dwayne Johnson’s most recent film project?

Answer: Dwayne Johnson’s newest film project is the forthcoming action-adventure film Red Notice in which he stars alongside Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot and is scheduled to be released in 2021.

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