How to Make Google Docs Available Offline

Google Docs plays a vital role in every aspect. Google provides this facility for storing your documents or the material. So, it is a beneficial opportunity for users. This facility comes with several various perspectives also. Moreover, it makes you feel better with its offline facility also. Thus, with this application, you can easily the docs available offline. Many users are still confused about ‘How to Make Google Doc Available Offline?’. So, we are here to guide you properly in this segment. We are delivering here possible ways for your convenience. In offline mode, you can implement the operation similar to the online way. So, this is an additional benefit of this process. We have also covered the article on ‘How to Add Page Numbers In Google Docs. Let’s take a quick look at ‘How to Make Google Docs Available Offline?’.

How to Make Google Docs Available Offline?

Users get beneficial features with Google’s ‘Google Docs’ feature. The relationship between Google & the internet is integral. So, we know that when there is internet connectivity, Google operates properly. Thus, the need arises in the offline mode for users. Taking this point into account, we are delivering a tutorial ‘How to Make Google Docs Available Offline?’. The data will surely guide you to bring the expected results. You can easily perform the operations that you were doing in online mode. So, be ready to dive into this flow to gain the information. Grab this golden opportunity now.

Google Docs

Google Docs is a very valuable service that Google provides. Its first release was in the year 2006. Moreover, it includes Google Slides, Google Sheets & Google Forms, etc. You can easily access them via internet browsers available on your PC or mobile phone. All types of browsers like Chrome, Edge, Explorer, Firefox, and Apple Safari support these documents easily. Thus, in a broader view, it is very helpful for users. For related information, you can also refer to the article ‘How to Download and Save Images from a Google Docs Document‘.

Methods Available For This Purpose

There are various types of methods available for this purpose. So, these are classified as computer system & mobile phone applications. We are providing here both of them for the sake of your convenience. Do follow them to get the proper results.

Method – 1 ) For Computer

There is a specific procedure available for the computer system. So, you just go through the steps provided below to complete the operation easily.

1 ) Visit the Google Drive

The very first thing you should do is to visit the Google drive website. ( All your documents are stored there. So, it is essential to visit the official website. When you reach there do select the ‘My drive’ option available on the upper left of the screen displayed. All the operations are related to this folder. So, it is a very important factor.

Method 1 How to Make Google Docs Available Offline Step 1

2 ) Offline Segment Phase

Further, go to the ‘Settings’ section of the Drive. You can follow the link for this purpose. ( This will lead to opening the settings segment for the further operational phase. Now, tick the box near the ‘Create, open, and edit your recent Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides files on this device while the offline option on the screen is displayed. This is a very important step to perform as this will lead the documents for offline use. So, do the same here.

offline option window

3 ) Choose the ‘Available offline’ Option

Now go towards the documents section. So, choose any of the documents you wish to use in an offline mode. So, choose it & then right-click on that document. This action will display various options there. Now, scroll down till you get the ‘Available offline’ option there. Do select it. This will create the document available for offline mode operations.

available offline option window

Method – 2 ) For Mobile Phone

Similar to the computer system, there is a method available for the mobile phone also. The processes are almost the same. But, a slight change is there. We are guiding you thoroughly in the steps method here. So, it will help you to get the desired output. You need to follow these steps to perform the expected operation.

1 ) Open the Google Docs Application

First of all, download the ‘Google Docs mobile application on your phone. Then open it. So, you will get the list of various documents available there. Now, to make it available for ‘Offline’ mode, choose any one of them. Once you choose it, click on the ‘3 vertical dots’ symbol available in the right-bottom corner of the file.

Method 2 How to Make Google Docs Available Offline Step 1

2 ) Choose the ‘Make available offline’ Option

Further, it will lead to various options there. So, choose the ‘Make available offline option from the available list. Here, you are observing the ‘Available offline’ because it is already done. So, in your system, you should do it properly. Then, it will be available to use in offline mode.

Make available offline window

3 ) Alternative Way For the Above Purpose

Open the application. then, choose the ‘3 lines’ symbol on the upper-right corner of the window. This is a very important step to perform at this stage.

google docs window

4 ) Select the ‘Settings’ Option

Moving ahead, This action will lead to opening the list of various options. Thus, simply scroll down till you choose the ‘Settings’ option. So the same to perform the further operation.

settings window

5 ) Offline Mode Setting

Now, you will reach the ‘Settings’ window display. So, scroll down to the ‘Offline’ segment on the screen. Then, toggle the switch in front of the ‘Make recent files available offline’ option towards the right side to make it offline. By following this way, your document easily becomes available for the offline operational mode. You can make the necessary operation whenever & wherever you want.

offline mode settings window


Thus, these are the processes useful to have the offline presence of the documents. Those who are still unaware of the process can adhere to this comprehensive data to make it easy to go. We hope that this elaborative tutorial will guide you to reach the desired destination.

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