How to Increase Maximum Volume on Windows 10 PC

A good quality sound is all you need to feel better. Moreover, when you are listening to something important or doing something important task, good sound is essential. So, Windows 10 is ready with the facility of providing quality sound. The low sound is one of the most common issues nowadays. Sound plays a vital role in many aspects. In case you want to watch some media or to attend some important call, sound quality is a must. It is possible to perform this operation. But, many users don’t have any idea about ‘How to Increase Maximum Volume on Windows 10 PC?’. We are throwing here a piece of important information for you people. We have also covered the article on ‘How to Change DHCP Lease Time Windows 10‘. Let’s start with this beautiful tutorial ‘How to Increase Maximum Volume on Windows 10 PC?’.

How to Increase Maximum Volume on Windows 10 PC?

Many users encounter this sound-related issue. Thus, it creates annoying & panic situations. You wish that it should be at the best level to listen to it. But, the circumstances are responsible for this type of problem. This issue arises because of several various factors. We are focusing mainly on these to overcome them as soon as possible. Thus, we are ready with the tutorial ‘How to Increase Maximum Volume on Windows 10 PC?’. From the solution point of view, we make sure that this data will help you.

Useful Methods to getting Rid of This Issue

There are various useful methods available for this problem. We have concentrated on this core issue to resolve it completely. So, you should go through them for obtaining better outcomes.

Method – 1 ) Making Use of Volume Mixer

Volume mixer is a very useful application that gives better implementation in this segment. It is a very easily available option on the home screen of the system. So, you can easily carry out it. We are providing here a step-by-step guide to reach the expected destination. So, do follow it properly.

1 ) Click on the ‘Sound Icon’

The very first thing you should do is to go towards the taskbar on the downward side. So, find out the sound icon there & right-click on that. This will lead to further operation.

Method 1 How to Increase Maximum Volume on Windows 10 PC Step 1

2 ) Choose the ‘Open Volume mixer’ Option

Further, when you right-click on that, multiple options will display there. Thus, click on the ‘Open Volume mixer’ option. This will lead to prompt another type of window.

volume mixer option window

3 ) Increase the Volume

Now, it’s time to raise the volume level up. Thus, you will get the sound level window here. One is for ‘Device Speakers’ & another is for ‘Applications System Sounds’. It is recommended that you should keep the volume levels equal & on a high level. So, place them with the help of the cursor. When you are done with it, close the window properly.

volume increase window display

Method – 2 ) Making Some Changes in the Communication Settings

Sometimes, you come across call-related issues. Such an instance arises when everything goes right but at the time of call, a sound problem takes place. In this scenario, this trouble is regarding the communication settings. So, we recommend you follow the steps given below to make it happen.

1 ) Search for the ‘Control Panel’

The very first thing you should do is to go toward the search bar. Then, type’ Control Panel’ in the space available there. You will observe the application icon there.

Method 2 How to Increase Maximum Volume on Windows 10 PC Step 1

2 ) Choose the ‘Sound’ Option

You will reach the computer settings window. So, from the list of various options available select the ‘Sound’ option available on the downward side of the options list. So, just go for it to execute properly.

sound option window

3 ) Select the ‘Communications’ Option

Now, the ‘Sound’ window will appear on the screen. From the different options available on the screen, choose the ‘Communications’ option for further operational purposes. Do the same to proceed ahead.

communications window display

4 ) Click on the ‘Apply’ Option

At this moment, by default, the system is set to a lower volume. So, when you have any call to receive, it sounds low. Eventually, it results in a frustrating situation to handle. Here, you will observe the various available options. So, choose the ‘Do nothing’ option. Then, to save the changes, click on the ‘Apply’ button followed by clicking on the ‘OK’ button. These changes are now applied to the system.

sound settings display

You can check whether the changes are applied or not. Thus, you will resolve this issue properly.

Method – 3 ) Making Enhancement in Audio Settings

‘Audio Settings Enhancement’ is also another way to resolve this issue. So, you can apply it to your system by adhering to the steps explained here. When you expect a more stabilized audio system, you should go for changing the Equalizer settings properly. So, simply go through the steps to finish this activity.

1 ) Choose the ‘Settings’ Option

At the first moment, click on the ‘Start Menu’ available in the bottom-left corner of the window displayed. Then, choose the ‘Settings’ option to proceed to the next operational phase.

Method 3 How to Increase Maximum Volume on Windows 10 PC Step 1

2 ) Select the ‘System’ Option

It will prompt this window now. So, from the ‘Windows Settings’ window, choose the ‘System’ option to execute the ongoing important actions properly.

system option window display

3 ) Click on the ‘Device Properties’ Option

Now, choose the ‘Sound’ option present on the left-hand side of the window. So, click on that to open the next operational page on the right-hand side. Thus, under the ‘Choose your output device’ title which is headed by the ‘Output’ title, select the computer speakers properly. Then, scroll down & click on the ‘Device properties’ option available there. It will again lead to prompt another window on the screen.

device properties window display

4 ) Click the ‘Additional device properties’ Option

Further, you will reach this ‘Settings’ screen. So, moving to the right side of the screen, you will get the ‘Additional device properties’ option. just click on that to move ahead.

additional device properties window display

5 ) Enhancement Segment Phase

Finally, you will reach this ‘Speakers Properties’ window. Thus, here, click on the ‘Enhancements’ option available on the upper side of the displayed screen. Scrolling down, you should check the ‘Loudness Equalization’ option from the list. Then, click on the ‘OK’ button followed by the ‘Apply’ option in the right-bottom corner. It will save the changes made.

Enhancement Segment Phase window o Increase Maximum Volume on Windows 10 PC


These are the possible solutions for the issue to resolve. So, you should go for any or all of these ways for implementation. We expect that this comprehensive data will surely help you to get rid of this issue.

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