How to Buy Bitcoin in India

Bitcoin is nothing but crypto-currency. For the exchange purpose, its use is wide. Further, it plays a vital role in the digital currency world. This has full electronic control. A few years before, it was supposed to be a hectic task. But, nowadays it has become easy to buy. Many of us don’t know ‘How to Buy Bitcoin in India?’. So, taking this point into account, we are ready here to provide the information regarding the same. Thus, to help the users, we are delivering a tutorial ‘How to Buy Bitcoin in India?’. You can also check How to Use the WordPress Media Library?

How to Buy Bitcoin in India?

Bitcoin is simply a digital currency. Its use is on a large scale as a medium. It has no physical form. It has become a trend to buy bitcoin in India. Users can use it later to have a huge amount of money in their wallets. Hence, this is a topic in high demand. We assure you that this tutorial on ‘How to Buy Bitcoin in India?’, will help you to get full knowledge. On the other hand, be ready to grasp this informative material.

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Process Used For This Purpose

There is a process available to buy bitcoin in India. You can follow this if you are going for it.

Use of Apps for Buying

You can make use of Apps to buy bitcoins. It is a widely used method to do so. There are some famous apps like ‘UnoCoin, Zebpay, CoinSecure’ etc. You can choose any of these at your convenience. Further, you can use it to buy bitcoins.

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Minimum Bitcoin Cost

In today’s digital era, bitcoin’s minimum cost is nearly 26 lacks. There is no need to buy a Bitcoin. But, you can buy a part of Bitcoin. As per the sources, there is a facility to buy a Bitcoin part for around 500 rupees. The current prices of Bitcoin vary with the situation. You should check it on Google to get the updated price. Further, you can make use of it to buy.

Following the Legal Procedure

There is a facility of legal procedure to follow. You should clear the Know Your Customer (KYC) verification process. The PAN Card & address proof are the necessary documents for this procedure. In addition, it is necessary to provide bank account details. Further, when your verification gets done, you are ready to buy Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Wallet

After that, you are eligible to go for the Bitcoin Wallet. You should create your account. In addition, This wallet is used to buy & sell Bitcoins.

bitcoin wallet
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Paying Government Tax

As this currency is related to money, the user must pay for that. Further, according to the sources, the user should pay 30% for short-term investments. In addition, for long-term investments, they should pay 20%.

In this way, following the above-mentioned process, you can buy Bitcoin in India. This information will be beneficial for you.

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