How to Join NCC

NCC stands for National Cadet Corps. It is a reputed institution in India. NCC works as a recruiter. Students have a golden opportunity to get through NCC. Thus, it becomes necessary to know ‘How to Join NCC?’. Further, looking into this segment, we are providing here information regarding the same. In addition, this is one of the finest career options for students. There are many career faculties available. Nevertheless, this is a fascinating one. So, being aware of it is required. For the same reason, we are giving the article ‘How to Join NCC?’. You can also check How to Buy Bitcoin in India?

How to Join NCC?

From a service point of view, NCC is a good option. You can look for that in a broader aspect. So, taking this point into account, we are delivering a tutorial ‘How to Join NCC?’. The aspirant should get thorough information about it. We assure you that this informative tutorial will be helpful for you. Thus, let’s start this amazing journey together. On the other hand, get ready to use this knowledge effectively.

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Process of Joining NCC

There is a specific process to follow to join NCC. You should go through the information below to do so.

Eligibility Criteria

The applicant should satisfy the eligibility criteria. It consists of the following points.

  • The candidate must be a citizen of either India or Nepal.
  • He must be enrolled in an educational institution.
  • He should be with a good moral character.
  • He should meet the expected medical standards.

Age Limit

In case of age limit, the candidates must satisfy the conditions given below.

  • For Junior Wing: 12 to 18.5 Years
  • For Senior Wing: Up to 26 Years

Duration for the Enrolment

There is a certain duration for the process of enrolment. For the Junior Wing, it is for 2 years. On the other hand, for Senior Wing, it is for 3 years.

Enrolling Application

The candidates who are aspiring to join the NCC must proceed with this step. In addition, Junior division candidates can apply to the Principal/Headmaster of the school. On the other hand, the senior division can apply to the Officer Commanding the nearby NCC Unit. So, this is the facility available for both division candidates.

Verification Phase

The officer should clear the verification process after the enrolment process. He may verify in detail. In addition, he can do the inquiry for the same.

Medical Exam Phase

After the completion of the verification phase, candidates appear for the medical exam. It is possible only when the verification is done properly. Thus, this step is highly important to proceed further.

In this way, following the above-mentioned process, you can join NCC. This information will be helpful for you.

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