How to Avoid Spam Robocalls with “Verified Calls” on Android

Spam robocalls make you very panic. Further, it takes place because you are unaware of the other end-user. In addition, you can not avoid it without receiving it. It was a very big problem before. But, now it has become easy to avoid them easily. Google has a facility to detect it. But, many users don’t know ‘How to Avoid Spam Robocalls with “Verified Calls” on Android?’. So, we are here for them. We are providing detailed information regarding the same. You can apply it to your system. Thus, let’s take a ride at ‘How to Avoid Spam Robocalls with “Verified Calls” on Android?’. You can also check more How to tutorials for better solutions.

How to Avoid Spam Robocalls with “Verified Calls” on Android?

Google provides a facility for avoiding spam robocalls. Moreover, it has made available an app for this purpose. So, you should go for that. It becomes necessary to know about the process. So, we are delivering a tutorial ‘How to Avoid Spam Robocalls with “Verified Calls” on Android?’. On the other end, you should prepare yourself to grab this opportunity. Thus. let’s start this amazing journey.

Process Used For This Purpose

There is a certain process to follow for this reason. You should follow the steps given below to do so.

1 ) Install the ‘Phone by Google’ App

First of all, you should install the ‘Phone by Google’ app on your mobile phone. So, download & install it from Google Playstore.

How to Avoid Spam Robocalls with “Verified Calls” on Android step 1

2 ) Setting as a Default App

After that, you should set this app as a default one. In case you miss the very first step of the pop-up window, then you can do it manually. So, just follow the path like ‘Settings > Apps > Default Apps’ to do this operation.

phone app window
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3 ) Select the ‘Settings’ Option

Moving ahead, you should click on the ‘3-horizontal dots’ option after opening this application.

setting window
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Then, select the ‘Settings’ option to proceed further.

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4 ) Select the ‘Spam & Call Screen’ Option

In addition to the above, click on the ‘Spam & Call Screen’ option to go ahead.

spam & call screen window
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5 ) Toggling for ‘Verified Calls’ Option

Now, the stage of the verified calls arrives. So, you should toggle the ‘Verified Calls’ option to the ON state.

verified calls window
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6 ) Choose the ‘YES, I’m IN’ Option

Further, you should select the ‘YES, I’m IN’ option to proceed ahead. Moreover, at this stage, you should permit to add your mobile number to your Google Account. So, provide the needful data.

controlling window
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7 ) Display Providing Verified Calls Details

Now, this will turn the model for display. So, you can see the difference between both types of calls here.

verified calls window to Avoid Spam Robocalls with “Verified Calls” on Android
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In this way, following the above-mentioned steps, you can avoid spam robocalls with “Verified Calls” on Android.

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