How to Create Chat Folders in Telegram

Telegram is a very popular messaging app. Further, you can use it for many purposes. In addition, you can have access to professional & personal fields there. It has a facility to chat with your friends, & colleagues also. A few days back, there was no facility for the folders option. But, in recent updates, there is a very interesting feature of folders is inserted. Many users don’t know ‘How to Create Chat Folders in Telegram?’. You need not worry at all. We are here for you people. We are providing here thorough information regarding the same topic. This will be useful for you in many ways. Read more articles under this category. Thus, let’s have a quick look at ‘How to Create Chat Folders in Telegram?’.

How to Create Chat Folders in Telegram?

Telegram has a wide range of users nowadays. Moreover, its facilities are very interesting. So, you can now keep your professional & personal life separate easily. There is a feature for creating folders available in this app. You can make use of it. We are delivering here a tutorial ‘How to Create Chat Folders in Telegram?’. You will satisfy with this comprehensive kind of data. There will be better outcomes by its application. We assure you that this data will be beneficial for you. On the other side, you should get ready to grab this golden opportunity. So, let’s start this amazing journey of information.

Process Used to Create Chat Folders in Telegram

There is a certain process available for this purpose. So, just follow the steps below to do so.

1 ) Open the Telegram Application

First of all, open the ‘Telegram’ app from your phone. So, click on the app icon now.

how to create chat folders in telegram step 1

2 ) Click on the ‘3-horizontal lines’ Symbol

After that, you should click on the ‘3-horizontal lines’ symbol on the left-hand side corner of the window.

chat folders in telegram

3 ) Select the ‘Settings’ Option

In addition to the above step, now select the ‘Settings’ option. It is available on the left-hand side of the window screen.

telegram settings window

4 ) Choose the ‘Folders’ Option

Now, choose the ‘Folders’ option to proceed ahead. This is a very important step to perform in this operation.

folders window in telegram

5 ) Click on the ‘Create New Folder’ Option

Moving ahead, you should click on the ‘Create New Folder option. It is available on the downward side of the screen.

new folder window

6 ) Add Folder Name & Chats

Here you should provide the folder name. So, name it as per your choice. Further, click on the ‘Add Chats’ option available below that. You can add the chat participants here.

folder name window

7 ) Click on the ‘Save’ Option

When you complete the adding group name & chats, click on the ‘Save’ option. It is available in the upper right corner of the window.

saving chat folders name in telegram

8 ) ‘Remove Chats’ Option

If you want to remove someone from this folder, you can. So, click on the ‘Remove Chats’ option for that. By doing so, you can remove anyone you wish to.

removing chat window

9 ) Display of the Folder

Now, the whole process is completed here. So, it will be displayed on your main screen as shown below.

chat folders display in telegram

In this way, following the above-mentioned steps, you can create chat folders in Telegram.

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