How to Calculate the Percentage

Calculating the Percentage is a very essential operation in various aspects nowadays. The percentage calculation is the main & also an integral part of mathematical operations to be performed. ‘How to Calculate the Percentage?’ is a highly demanded query asked for the sake of simplifying mathematical procedures. We are well equipped with the solutions for … Read more

How To Calculate BMI?


Body Mass Indicator (BMI) Long-form of BMI is Body Mass Indicator. Body Mass Indicator (BMI) is a measurement of a person’s weight type. With the help of a person’s height and weight, we can calculate BMI. It is an indicator to measure if a person is underweight or overweight. The indicator tells us if the … Read more

How to Calculate Standard Deviation

The Standard Deviation stands for the average amount. Further, it signifies the variability of the data set. In addition, it has 2 types of Deviations. Those are the ‘Standard & Sample’. It has a notation of the ‘σ’ symbol. Moreover, it is a Greek symbol with the name ‘Sigma’. There are different ways available for … Read more