How To Calculate BMI?

Body Mass Indicator (BMI)

Long-form of BMI is Body Mass Indicator. Body Mass Indicator (BMI) is a measurement of a person’s weight type. With the help of a person’s height and weight, we can calculate BMI. It is an indicator to measure if a person is underweight or overweight.

The indicator tells us if the person is underweight, normal weight, overweight, or obese based on the values we provide.

How To Calculate BMI?

BMI can be calculated with the help of a person’s height and body weight. You can either count height in centimeters (cm) or inches (in). The general formula for calculating the BMI is equaled to weight in kg divided by height in meter’s squire.

It can be stated in the equation as BMI = kg/m2.

BMI Formula

Body Mass Index value between 18.5 to 25 is considered to be normal, whereas above 25 is considered overweight.

BMI Table

Here is the table of ranges for BMI calculations. In this table, you can find the number which will indicate if you are underweight or overweight.

CategoryBMI Range
Severe Thinness< 16 (Below 16)
Moderate Thinness16 to 17
Mild Thinness17 to 18.5
Normal18.5 to 25
Overweight25 to 30
Obese Class I30 to 35
Obese Class II35 to 40
Obese Class III>40 (Above 40)
BMI Table To BMI Range

These are World Health Organisation (WHO) recommended values. If your BMI says overweight then consider losing some weight in a healthy way.

  • Eat Healthily
  • Exercise Regularly
  • Don’t Overeat

Similarly, If your BMI says underweight, then consider adding some more food to your diet but in a healthy way.

BMI Calculator

There are many websites available on the internet from which you can calculate the Body Mass Index. We’re providing you with one of them which we found useful.

Check this BMI Calculator, with the help of this you can easily calculate your BMI.

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