Windows 11 for Business and Enterprise – New Features

Windows 11 operating system is ready to launch. Its arrival is so warming. Moreover, it is very rich in terms of applications. There are various types of features available for the users. So, you can make use of them for better outcomes. From the technical point of view, there are great changes available. You must get the details about ‘Windows 11 New Features You Must Know Before Upgrade’. Thus, there are several applications are waiting for you. Many users don’t have any idea about ‘Windows 11 for Business and Enterprise – New Features’. We are ready here with a proper solution for you. It will help you to get rid of this point. Adhere to this informative data to add more knowledge. You will be satisfied after knowing all these points thoroughly. Hence, let’s have a ride at ‘Windows 11 for Business and Enterprise – New Features’.

‘Windows 11 for Business and Enterprise – New Features’

Windows Pro and Enterprise editions are very useful in many aspects. In addition, they provide very beneficial features for businesses. Thus, it plays a vital in small as well as large businesses. These characteristic applications help them to perform efficient operations. So, we are delivering here a tutorial on ‘Windows 11 for Business and Enterprise – New Features’. We assure you that it will be beneficial for you to resolve this issue completely. Many IT organizations and enterprises are waiting for these new features. So, this tutorial is going to be an eye-opener thing for you people. Join us on this beautiful journey. Get the right information on this platform.

Windows 11 for Enterprise New Features

There are various features regarding this segment. So, you need to get familiar with them for a better understanding. Let’s go through these now. We are listing some of the most efficient features for your convenience at this place. Thus, make use of them to raise your awareness.

Compatible Applications

In the new Windows 11, some extra features are introduced. So, application compatibility is also one of them. Many users wish to have the Windows 10 application run on Windows 11. Thus, it becomes possible for them. Windows 11 makes this facility available for users. From the feature & quality updates point of view, Windows 11 requires the same set of application compatibility validation procedures. In addition to these, the ‘App Assure’ and ‘Test Base for Microsoft 365’ services are common in both.

Security Features

Microsoft always focuses on security & safety points. So, Windows 11 is not an exception for that. So, they gave stressed the security measure related to enterprises. Thus, it makes a really powerful tool to operate. Some of those are as follow.

1 ) Requirement of TPM Chips

TPM is an abbreviation of the ‘Trusted Platform Module’. Further, it comes in 2 types including TPM version 1.2 and version 2.0. TPM 2. 0 version is more secure than the first one. It is a security chip useful for providing hardware-based functions. It focuses more on security-related operations. Since 2011, it is one of the basic requirements for computer systems. So, it is expected that the PC already will have it. Thus, your computer may own this feature. This factor is very important in the operation.

2 ) Passwordless Facility

Password plays an integral role in the system. It protects your system from unwanted attacks & misuses. To secure your system, it is essential to protect it properly. So, there is a facility to make it passwordless also. Thus, it becomes a time-saving & more efficient operation for the enterprises. They can use it very efficiently without any kind of interruption.

3 ) Core PCs Security

In Windows 11, the core PCs are more secured. So, the main focus is given to the core part to make it more convenient for better use.

4 ) Productivity Related Features

Various features help in collaboration operation. So, to increase productivity, the following features are added to this new OS. We are giving here some of them to you.

  • Visuals Features: There is a very simple but modern design available for enterprises. So, the efficiency increases with its application.
  • Widgets Personalization: You can easily personalize the apps you require with the help of this feature. So, you can easily get the information regarding the common apps.
  • Meeting Facility: You can do meetings easily with the help of Taskbars. So, it becomes a quick operation to connect with anyone.
  • Advanced Taskbar Use: Sometimes, you are on a video call. At that time, it becomes necessary to mute the microphone. So, using the taskbar, you can enable or disable the microphone easily.

Thus, these are the highlighting features available.

Windows 11 for Business New Features

Similarly, there are various features regarding the ‘Business’ also. So, we are giving here some of them for your convenience. Just go through them.

1 ) Secure Windows Facility

As we discussed before, Microsoft focuses more on security. So, this new Windows 11 is the most secure to date. As per the need of businesses, security is a must. So, taking this point into account, it is available here. Further, malware protection & other points are important here. Those are primarily available here.

2 ) Hybrid Working Facility

Microsoft makes this feature so powerful. Thus, security is a point to consider. The hybrid working facility makes it amazing. So, it goes to the next level.

3 ) Better Collaboration with Better Functionality

There is good collaboration between users & the system. So, it provides easy & quick access. Operations like conducting meetings, screen sharing & microphone-related operations are easy to perform.


In this way, it’s all about the Windows 11 ‘Business & Enterprise New Features’. We hope that you are familiar with these. In addition to that, you can be aware of them. It is possible to use them for better applications. From the user point of view, It is easy to carry out productivity and communication operations. It allows you to select the working device. So, Microsoft makes it easier to make it happen successfully. We expect that this elaborative tutorial will help you to find the new features here. Stay connected with us for such informative tutorials.

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