How to Disable Windows Hello Prompt Using GPEDIT or REGEDIT

Security is a very important entity in computers. It is the foremost thing while operating them. Moreover, Windows operating systems provide various features. There are different ways available to login into a PC. The ‘Hello Prompt’ is one of those features. It works as an alternative password function. So, you can easily enter the system. Sometimes, it becomes needful to disable it. But, many users don’t know ‘How to Disable Windows Hello Prompt Using GPEDIT or REGEDIT?’. It is not the point to worry about. We are ready with a proper solution for you people. So, it will be helpful for you to get rid of it. By applying this data, you can easily achieve the desired target. Let’s move toward this interesting tutorial ‘How to Disable Windows Hello Prompt Using GPEDIT or REGEDIT?’.

How to Disable Windows Hello Prompt Using GPEDIT or REGEDIT?

Windows Hello Prompt PIN helps in many ways. Moreover, you can use it as an alternative for the login process. So, you can use the Microsoft applications & Microsoft Store also. Many users wish to disable it. So, we are delivering a tutorial on ‘How to Disable Windows Hello Prompt Using GPEDIT or REGEDIT?’. We are providing thorough information here taking this important point into account. You will find it helpful. You can easily apply it to your system. Thus, get ready to grab this great opportunity. On the other hand, you should involve actively. Join us on this beautiful ride.

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‘GPEDIT’ stands for the Group Policy Editor. On the other hand, ‘REGEDIT’ stands for the Registry Editor options. These are very useful functions available in Windows 10. So, you can easily make some useful changes. You can modify the internal settings to get some expected results from there.

Windows Hello Prompt & Error

Windows OS is well-equipped with various features. ‘Hellow Prompt’is also useful in that way. It is very useful to get into the system. There are various features available that can be used to make a login operation. These characteristic features include ‘Password, PIN & Picture Password’. Thus, these are useful as an alternative to the only password option. With the help of these options, you can switch between the sign-in or log-in operations. So, it acts as a breakthrough for the traditional way of getting into the system.

Many users claim that they are facing the problem of using the Hello prompt while using the Outlook function. That is why it becomes essential to get through this issue successfully. Focusing on this important problem, we are going to give you thorough information here.

Useful Methods Available to getting Rid of This Issue

Various types of methods are there to resolve this issue. But, we are providing here some of those methods for your convenience. Do adhere to them to have a successful operation. Go for them now.

Method – 1 ) Making Use of ‘Group Policy Editor’

The ‘Group Policy Editor’ is a very useful way to have this issue resolved. So, you need to get through the steps given below.

1 ) Open the ‘Roman Window’

The very first thing you should go for is to open the ‘Run Window’. Thus, simply press the ‘Windows key + R’ keys together to open it on the screen. You can observe it as shown below.

Method 1 How to Disable Windows Hello Prompt Using GPEDIT or REGEDIT Step 1

2 ) Add the Command

Further, add the following command in the specified box displayed on the screen.


Simply copy it & paste it into the block. Then, click on the ‘OK’ button available downward side. Otherwise, just press the Enter key to proceed ahead.

command addition in run window

3 ) Select the ‘Turn on convenience PIN sign-in

Moving ahead, double-click on the ‘Computer Configuration’ section. It will expand to show hidden keys. The various settings options will display on the right-hand side of the screen.

Administrative Templates > System > Logon

So, double-click on that. It will lead to open a pop-up window with various options there. So, do the same.

Turn on convenience PIN sign-in option window

4 ) Choose the ‘Disabled’ Option

You will reach the page for settings change purposes. Here, choose the ‘Disabled’ options from the multiple options.

disabling phase window

Thus, it will disable the Windows Hello Prompt.

Method – 2 ) Making Use of the ‘Registry Editor’ Option

The’Registry Editor’ also plays a vital role in this scenario. So, go through the steps as direction & get the final results.

1 ) Open the ‘Run Window’

To go for the ‘Registry Editor’, first press the ‘Windows key + R’ together to open the ‘Run Window’ on the screen. It is as shown below.

Method 2 How to Disable Windows Hello Prompt Using GPEDIT or REGEDIT Step 1

2 ) Add the Command

Now, it is time to add the short command. So, copy the following command first.


After that, paste it into the specified box on the screen. Then, click on the ‘OK’ button or just hit the Enter key. This is a very important

run window command addition

3 ) Go to the ‘Settings’ Key Option

You should now follow the path to get the ‘Settings’ key there. So, just navigate through the path provided below.


Here, expand the ‘Settings’ key by simply clicking on the arrow displayed near that option.

settings key window

4 ) Value Changing Phase

Under this ‘Settings’ key, you will find the ‘AllowSignInOptions’ key. So, click on that key. Now, move to the right-hand side screen displayed there. You will see the ‘value’ key there. Double-click on that option. It will lead to open the pop-up window here. So, do this necessary operation properly. Here, you will observe the ‘Value data box. So, change the value from ‘1 to 0’ to disable this function from working.

disabling window to Disable Windows Hello Prompt Using GPEDIT or REGEDIT

Thus, the REGEDIT function will do its work properly to disable the Windows Hello Prompt.


Thus, this is the detailed information regarding this useful operation. We hope that this information will help you to get the desired outcomes. If you wish to enable them again, you can. So, it is essential to follow the reverse process to get it done. With the help of this comprehensive data, you can easily reach the target. Stay connected with us to get more informative tutorials like this one.

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