Windows 11 Accessibility Settings and Features

Microsoft is a very big company. It always tries its best to give benefits to the users. Moreover, it focuses more on the ‘Accessibility Settings & Features’. So, they work efficiently to fulfill this main purpose. You can find out the classic features of Windows 11 with the ‘Windows 11 New Features You Must Know Before Upgrade‘ article. The main focus segment is the ‘Windows 11 Accessibility Settings and Features’. There are various classic features available. But, they focus more on the persons with disabilities. So, these all are essential applications for them to use. In Windows 10, there are features as per these requirements. But, in Windows 11, it is improved more. They are making effective changes. We are providing here valuable information regarding the same. So, let’s have a quick look at ‘Windows 11 Accessibility Settings and Features’.

Windows 11 Accessibility Settings and Features

There are many people with deafness & blindness disabilities. Microsoft focuses on them. So, it is very essential to design the settings according to their needs. Taking this point into account, we are delivering an article ‘Windows 11 Accessibility Settings and Features’. We assure you that this informative tutorial will give you immense pleasure. Thus, you will be very familiar with all the system services. There are various features like Magnifier & Windows Speech Recognition. These are also available in Windows 10. But, there are some additional features available. You will be familiar with them through this article. Let’s begin now.

Major Newly Introduced Features

There are various & classic features added. So, here are some of the eminent or major features for you people. Those are as follows.

  • Different sounds in light & dark mode
  • Light, dark, and customizable themes
  • AI-powered Windows Voice Typing
  • CART services
  • Speech commanding
  • Screen readers
  • Programs magnification

Process for Opening Windows 11 Accessibility Settings

First of all, all you need to do is to open Windows 11 accessibility settings. So, you should follow the steps provided below. By doing so, you will reach your destination. Thus, simply go through them to perform successfully.

1 ) Choose the ‘Start Menu’ Option

The very first thing you should do is to choose the ‘Start Menu’. It is situated at the center point of the screen displayed. So, right-click on that to move ahead. This is the foremost thing to do properly. Just do it.

2 ) Select the ‘Settings’ Option

Further, choose the ‘Settings’ menu from the various options available on the screen. This is is a very important thing to perform at this moment.

3 ) Move Towards the ‘Accessibility’ Tab

After that, you should move towards the ‘Accessibility’ tab available. So, click on that. By following this path, you will get all the settings available here. So, it will help you to perform further operations easily.

Accessibility Settings Available for the Deaf People

As discussed earlier, Windows always focus on these people. So, regarding their problems, there are various facilities. Let’s have a quick look at these features now.

Windows 11 Accessibility Settings and Features step 1

1 ) Mono Audio Sound Facility

This is a very special facility for deaf people. Even though the person is deaf with one ear, he can hear clearly. There is a system with which the sound is concentrated together to listen properly. Sometimes, the sound increases from one side & lowers from the other. In that case, this facility makes a better impact. From both sides of the headphone, you can listen to the same sound easily.

2 ) Screen Flashing Availability for Notifications

Whenever you receive any audio notification, you get the blinking effect. So, it is a more powerful tool for users with this disability. Then can easily find it out.

3 ) Subtitles Facility

This is an additional benefit for the users. If they can’t listen properly, they can easily read it out. So, it helps them to recognize the meaning & overall concept of the video. Thus, Windows 11 is rich in this segment.

Accessibility Settings Available for the Blind People

There is a classic facility for blind people also. Windows 11 have focused more on developing these features effectively. So, we are taking a glance at those for you people.

Windows 11 Accessibility Settings and Features step 2

1 ) Text Size

Several people suffer from the problem of low vision. So, if the size of the text is big, they can read it properly. Thus, it is the solution point of view. This will help those needy people surely.

2 ) Visual Effects

There are several visually impaired people having big problems. So, there are various effects like animation & transparency. it encourages them to get rid of their vision problems & they can access it easily.

3 ) Mouse, Pointer & Touch Settings

In Windows 11, the pointer has a white color. In addition, it disappears after some time when it is not working. It creates many problems for disabled people. They can’t operate it properly. So, Windows 11 provides a facility to make it black. On the other hand, you can use the touch indicator to create circles where you touch. These are the facilities regarding mouse & pointer.

4 ) Text Cursor Settings

The text cursor is a line that blinks on the screen displayed. So, its size & color becomes invisible to users with disability. Windows 11 provides the facility to change the color & the size easily for understanding.

5 ) Magnifier

It is a very cherishing facility for the users. So, with the help of this, you can magnify the size of the text. Those who are facing issues regarding this can make use of it for better results.

6 ) Color Filters

A number f people are there who can not differentiate between colors. It creates a big problem for them. Thus, Windows 10 provides a facility of the color filter to distinguish between the colors easily.

7 ) Narrator

This is another classic feature of Windows 11. So, people become relaxed to hearing the narration. It reads aloud to them. Thus, it becomes a very useful tool.

8 ) Color Contrast Facility

This facility helps to make the very clear according to the background. So, it helps to read properly.


In this way, it’s all about the accessibility features & settings in Windows 11. So, with this elaborative data, you will be able to get detailed information about it easily. We expect that this will surely help you to be familiar easily. Hope this data will be beneficial for you in many ways. Stay connected with us for such articles.

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