Windows 11 New Features You Must Know Before Upgrade

It’s exciting to know that Windows is going to launch the latest Windows 11 OS. From the operational point of view, Windows 10 is quite good. But, as per the recent updates, an upgraded version will be available. The good news is it is free for Windows 10 users. So, you only upgrade it after its launching. It will be fascinating to know ‘Windows 11 New Features You Must Know Before Upgrade’. Thus, we are providing here a detailed tutorial regarding the same. You will be surprised to see these changes available in this new version. Moreover, you will find a lot of innovative things. So, taking this point into account, Microsoft is going to make it better. We have covered the article on ‘How to Install Windows 11 using Hyper-V in Windows 10‘. Let’s start the tutorial ‘Windows 11 New Features You Must Know Before Upgrade’.

Windows 11 New Features You Must Know Before Upgrade

Something exciting, full of innovation is waiting for you. Yes, we are talking about the Windows 11 arrival. Thus, prepare yourself to know the ‘Windows 11 New Features You Must Know Before Upgrade’. There are some distinguishing features available in this new launch. So, it will provide high-efficiency results while working. If you want to get the testing of it, you may try the ‘How To Download & Install Windows 11 Official’ in this tutorial. For that, it is necessary to sign up for the Windows Insider program. Get the experience now with this feature available. On the other end, involve actively in this journey. This journey will be very charming.

Windows 11 New Features

There are various new features available in this new launch. All of them are important to discuss. But, we are providing here some of the major features for your convenience. These will make you aware of the upcoming arrival very easily. So, look into them very neatly. Some of them are rich in looks. While some are better at functioning. Thus, you can choose them as per your need.

Windows 11 New Features Official Video

1 ) Charming & Productive Look

This Windows 11 OS will have a charming & very productive look as shown below. So, the taskbar icons are located at the center position. In addition to this, the ‘Start button’ is as it is to the left of the other app icons displayed. The tightly rounded corners are another change to analyze the look. Thus, the parameters like animations, transparency, & icon design are quite excellent.

Windows 11 New Features You Must Know Before Upgrade step 1

2 ) Widgets with Personalized News

News plays a key role in today’s world. We all need the news related to our interests. You can get it here. Recently, in Windows 10, desktop widgets along with the Newsfeed were available. In addition to that, Windows 11 is also rich in this feature in an upgraded format. From the user’s point of view, it is always good to have quicker & more accessible news information. Taking this point into account, this innovative idea is introduced. Full-screen expansion is also possible for all these widgets.

widgets window

3 ) Snap Layout Facility

For multi-tasking functionality, this one is a useful feature. So, you can manage several tasks simultaneously. Users are going to access multiple windows very easily. It will be a flexible task for them. ‘Snap Layouts’ and ‘Snap Groups’ are the new facilities available for amplifying the multitasking capabilities. You can easily switch your tasks within no time. Eventually, it will result in saving time. Efficiency will automatically increase. Thus, it will lead to the betterment in organizing & performing the tasks easily.

snap layout window

4 ) Multiple Desktops Facility

Multiple desktops will increase the efficiency of your work. Thus, you can manage the stuff very easily by making use of this feature. If you functioning on personal & work-related stuff, you can handle them easily. You can get alerts regarding important functions related to your work environment. It will be easy for you to save time. In addition, you can get better outcomes too.

multiple desktops window

5 ) Quality Gaming Experience

Many users are fond of games. So, it is a golden opportunity for them. You can easily access the games with the Xbox app. This new OS is all set to provide a premium gaming experience. So, the quality & clarity is also in a rich format. Users will surely satisfy with these characteristics. Interestingly, the experience will be at its best with this OS.

gaming experience window

6 ) Android Apps Availability in Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store is rich in terms of applications to use. So, it is the best chance for you. The Android apps are also available in Microsoft Store to use. You can easily access them on your PC. You can make a space for your favorite apps there. Applications like Zoom & Canva are also available to use. The downloading process will be easy with the Amazon AppStore. So, you will get this facility easily.

android apps store

7 ) Team Integration Facility With Faster Connectivity

The video-conferencing facility is very useful. So, considering this point, Windows 11 introduces it. There is a better facility for video meetings. An SMS chatting facility is also available there. This chat feature will make things easier & better also. SMS facility is especially for those who don’t have the application. Thus, you should go for this application.

team integration

8 ) Modified Settings App

There is no special improvement in the ‘Settings’ application. But, its look is quite attractive. This will surely make you feel fresh while using it. There are no special changes to observe. Simply you can look at it as a modified version. They have focused more on user interface than redesign.

settings app window


It’s all about the new Windows 11. So, now, you are aware of the features available. You can use them as per your need. These applications & features are useful in many aspects. Microsoft always keeps the audience in the center. So, these features are also designed according to the need. We expect that this comprehensive data will help you to recognize all the changes in this operating system. You will experience these features after its launching soon. So, be ready for receiving this innovation. Stay connected with us.

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