How to Update Minecraft Windows 10

Minecraft is a world-famous game. It is a great opportunity for game lovers all over the world. Thus, it is fantastic to make it better. Windows 10 operating system comes up with various features to support this game. So, users go for using it with better results. Moreover, it is observed that there are updates available for this game. So, it is essential to do these updates properly. Many users encounter the problem of ‘How to Update Minecraft Windows 10?’. Do not worry about this point. It is possible to carry out this operation successfully. So, just focus on thus constantly updating the special games. Here you will get thorough information regarding the same. Adhere to it to update it. Here we have a look at ‘How to Update Minecraft Windows 10?’. You can also check more How to Tutorials for better solutions.

How to Update Minecraft Windows 10?

From the point of the update of view, it is essential to update it. Moreover, it helps to keep the stability & get new content there. Thus, it is a crucial thing to get done. Sometimes, it fails to update itself. So, you need to update it manually. We are delivering here a tutorial on ‘How to Update Minecraft Windows 10?’. So, walking through this tutorial, you will get the actual method for implementing this execution way. It will be very useful for the exact execution of this technique so far. Thus, without wasting time, join us on this very beautiful journey now. You will satisfy with its results. Let’s begin.

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Reasons Responsible for Update Minecraft Windows 10

Sometimes, it becomes essential to update this game manually. So, you should be familiar with the reasons behind it. Here we are listing some of the major reasons that cause this problem.

  • Auto-update Failure: Minecraft game has special features within itself. Thus, this game gets its updates automatically. But, many times it fails to have these auto-updates easily. So, even after trying many times, they fail to update. This is the time to have the manual updating process carried out there. So, after this successful execution, the game will get its updates to stabilize with additional useful content.
  • Smooth & Easy Access Feature: In every game type, there are some updates. Thus, it is helpful to make the gaming operation so easy. Moreover, it becomes smooth to handle. Users can get real joy with this facility while playing it on the system. So, updates play a vital role in this overall process. That is why it is recommended to have them installed on the current version. Thus, it is always better to have this updating facility in your system.

Thus, these are the most common reasons responsible. Know them for better understanding.

Pre-requisites For This Operation

It is required to get your system updated before going for this operation. So, first of all, check out the recent updates to your system. Just go through the steps given below to execute the operation here.

1 ) Choose the ‘Settings’ Option

The very first thing to do is to move towards the ‘Start Menu’ button on the screen. It is available in the bottom-left corner of the window displayed. So, simply click on that. It will lead to the display of various options there. So, click on the Settings;’ icon displayed there.

settings window display

2 ) Click on the ‘Upadate & Security’ Option

Now, you will reach the actual ‘Settings page of the system. Here, simply click on the ‘Update & Security option available on the downward side of the window. It is a very important step to move ahead.

update & security optin window

3 ) Click on the ‘Check for updates’ Option

Then, click the ‘Windows Update’ option available on the left-hand side of the window. Further, move towards the right-side screen. Thus, tap on the ‘Check for updates’ option block available there. So, the system will check for the recent updates available if any.

updates checking window

Methods Used to Get Rid of This Issue

There are different methods available to resolve this issue. So, just follow them to execute them properly. Go for it now.

Method – 1 ) Updating Minecraft Windows 10 Edition

You need to update this Minecraft gamin application from the Microsoft Store. So, just go through the steps to get the operation done successfully.

1 ) Visit the Microsoft Store

As a first step, you need to visit the ‘Microsoft Store’. So, do this very essential thing to make it happen.

2 ) Click on the ‘Downloads and updates’ Option

Further, click on the ‘3-dots’ symbol available in the upper-right corner of the window. After that, it will display various options there. So, simply hit the ‘Downloads and updates’ option from there.

Method 1 How to Update Minecraft Windows 10 Step 1

3 ) Hit the ‘Get updates’ Option

Then, you will reach this window. So, just click on the ‘Get updates’ option button available on the upper side of the window.

get updates in Microsoft store to Update Minecraft Windows 10

Through this operation, Microsoft will update all the applications along with this Minecraft also. You should check it out for that.

Method – 2 ) Fixing the Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Not Getting Updates

Even though you are done with the above operation, it may not get the updates. So, do not worry at all. There is a solution for that also. Simply go through the steps given below to get the results.

1 ) Choose the ‘Settings’ Option

Click on the ‘Start Menu’ button on the screen. Then, move towards the ‘Settings’ application icon available there. It will lead to proceed ahead.

Method 2 How to Update Minecraft Windows 10 Step 1

2 ) Click on the ‘Apps’ Option

Further, click on the ‘Apps’ option available on the middle portion of the screen. It will open the applications window on the screen.

apps option window display

3 ) Click n the ‘Advanced Options’ Option

Now, choose the ‘Apps & features option on the left-hand side of the display. Then, all the applications will display there. Search for the ‘Minecraft application. Click on the app icon. Then, below that, you will get the ‘Advanced options’ title. Click on that for the next operation.

Minecraft app display

4 ) Reset the Application

It’s time to reset the application. So, on this page, click on the ‘Reset’ option box available below the ‘Terminate’ option.

reset operation window to Update Minecraft Windows 10

Thus, this action will fix the problem.


That’s all about updating the ‘Minecraft gaming platform on Windows 10. We hope that it will help you in various aspects. So, go for applying it to your system. Stay connected to this platform for such informative tutorials.

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