How to Stop Websites from Asking to Send Notifications

You need to visit the websites for various purposes. Further, you can get valuable information from there. In addition, it will be a more pleasant experience to have it notification free. Many times you visit any website, it gives many notifications on the window. It becomes very hectic & panicky for users. It irritates you … Read more

How to Take Screenshots in Chrome and Firefox’s Incognito Tabs on Android

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How to Download PDFs Instead of Previewing Them in Chrome, Firefox, and Edge

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How to Access Blockchain Domains in a Browser

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How to Disable Built-In Password Manager in Chrome, Edge, Firefox Browsers

Password is an important entity. It is a powerful tool for security. Thus, it has more importance in all aspects. In every browser you use, there is a facility to save the passwords. It is because you can save time & efficiency. So, it frequently asks this question when you open it. But, from a … Read more