How to Scan From Printer to Computer

The printer is a very useful tool. Further, it is helpful for the printing operation of your system. In addition, it plays a vital role in making hard copy documents. In every field, this device is really useful. Sometimes, you need important documents. But, unfortunately, you can not make it available at that moment. Thus, scanning is the solution to this problem. You can obtain the document by scanning anywhere in the world. So, you should know this process. But, many users are unaware of ‘How to Scan From Printer to Computer?’. This process is somewhat tricky. Nevertheless, we are providing detailed information about it. We have also covered the article on ‘How to Stop Printer Spooling on a Windows 10 Computer‘. Thus, let’s take a ride at ‘How to Scan From Printer to Computer?’.

How to Scan From Printer to Computer?

Scanning of documents is necessary for various purposes. Though it may seem to be the easy way, actually it is not. Thus, it is a bit frustrating. We are delivering a tutorial on ‘How to Scan From Printer to Computer?’. Be sure that this data will satisfy you with efficient results. So, you can apply it to your system also. On the other end, we expect your active participation in this process. Let’s start this beautiful journey of information.

Process Used For This Purpose

There is a systematic process available for this purpose. So, you need to go through the steps provided below.

1 ) Making Proper Connections

The very first thing you should do is to check for the connections. So, connect the scanner to your system with the help of a cord. Further, make sure that these tools should be within the same wi-fi range. It is essential to form this type of setting before going ahead.

2 ) Placing the Document

After that, place the document you want to scan. You should place it in the face-down format. Then, close the lid of your scanner.

3 ) Select the ‘Start’ Option

Moving ahead, you should click on the ‘Start Menu’ on your computer. It is necessary for searching the important tools related to this operation.

Start menu for How to Scan From Printer to Computer

4 ) Search For the ‘Fax and Scan’ Option

Then, type ‘Fax and Scan’ in the search bar. Further, click on the icon displayed there for further operations.

windows ax and scan window

5 ) Choose the ‘New Scan’ Option

Now, the ‘Windows Fax and Scan’ window will appear on the screen. Thus, click on the ‘New Scan’ option on the window. It is available in the upper-left corner of the window displayed. So, do the same to go ahead.

new scan window

6 ) Choose the Printer

You should select the correct printer for this operation. Moreover, you may choose the one by clicking on the ‘Change’ option also.

7 ) Going For the Right Settings

Here, you should focus on internal settings. So, choose the proper file type from the ‘Profile’ segment. Then, pick one of the options from ‘Black and White’ or ‘Color’. Choose the file type for file saving (PDF or JPEG) purposes. If it is applicable there, then, adjust the factors like resolution, brightness & contrast.

8 ) Document Preview Phase

Here, you should preview the document for making adjustments, if any. Then, check it out again for better settings.

9 ) Choose the ‘Scan’ Option

Then, click on the ‘Scan’ option to perform the actual scanning operation.

10 ) Getting the Scanned Documents

When you are done with everything, it is time to get the documents. So, follow the ‘Start Menu Button > File Explorer > Documents > Scanned Documents’ path for getting the documents.

In this way, following the above-mentioned steps, you can.

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