How to Use the Parental Controls in Windows 10

Parental Controls are very important in Windows 10. Further helps to manage the tasks on the system. In addition, it plays a vital role for parents to keep watch on their children. It has many advantages for users. But, many of us don’t know ‘How to Use the Parental Controls in Windows 10?’. Taking this very essential topic into account, we provide here the information regarding the same. You should take advantage of this important data. We have also covered the article on ‘How to Stop Remote Installation of Apps on Windows 10‘. So, let’s have a look at ‘How to Use the Parental Controls in Windows 10?’.

How to Use the Parental Controls in Windows 10?

Windows 10 have provided this nice feature for the users. By using this feature, you can have good control over the use of your system. Thus, we are delivering here a tutorial ‘How to Use the Parental Controls in Windows 10?’. We assure you that this data will help you. On the other hand, get ready to grab this opportunity. Let’s begin the tutorial.

Process Followed For This Purpose

There is a specific process available to use the parental controls in Windows 10. You should follow the steps to do so.

Creating an Account

Follow these simple procedures to create an account.

Step – 1 ) Open ‘Settings’ From Your Computer

The first thing you should do is to open the ‘Settings’ after clicking on the ‘Start’ menu on your computer.

How to Use the Parental Controls in Windows 10 step 1

Step – 2 ) Select the ‘Accounts’ Option

After that, select the ‘Accounts’ Option from the list on the window.

account window in settings

Step – 3 ) Choose the Option ‘Family & Other Users’

Moving ahead, select the ‘Family & Other Users’ option to proceed further.

Family & Other Users window

Step – 4 ) Select the Option ‘Add a Child’

Next to that, select the ‘Add a Child’ option to create a new user. Further, select the option ‘Next’ to proceed.

adding member window

Step – 5 ) Account Creation Phase

After that, there is a step to create an account. So, add the necessary details to move ahead. Then click on the ‘Next’ option.

account creation window

Step – 6 ) Personalization of Their Online Experience

You should personalize the online experience for them. This is a very important step to focus on.

personalization window

Step – 7 ) Select ‘Finish’ to Create an Account

After that, enter your password once again. Then, follow the instructions to complete the account generation process. By doing so, your account is created successfully.

account creating final window

Monitoring Parental Controls in Windows 10

After creating an account, you will be ready to monitor the different things. You should follow the steps below to operate.

Step – 1 ) Action Monitoring Phase

Select the ‘Manage Family Settings Online’ option to carry out this operation. By doing so, you can monitor various things.

action monitoring window
Image Source: wondersharefamisafe

Step – 2 ) Monitoring Window

In addition, you can monitor the segments like screen time, app and game limits, content restrictions, spending, etc. Further, you can schedule a fixed time to use the screen for your child. You can bock some specific websites, apps & games. There is another facility to control spending also. In that case, you can add money up to a certain limit. By doing so, it becomes easy for you to monitor all things easily.

monitoring window to Use the Parental Controls in Windows 10
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In this way, following the above-mentioned methods & steps, you can use the parental controls in Windows 10. We assure you that you will satisfy with this information.

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