How to Stop Hiccups

A hiccup is an involuntary kind of action taking action in our body. It is a normal issue. Many people face this ‘How to Stop Hiccups?’ problem in their daily routines. So, it becomes necessary to get rid of them quickly. They can create unnecessary disturbance in our behavior too. We are here for you people to guide about the same. So, suppose this is an opportunity to grab. Here we are delivering a tutorial ‘How to Stop Hiccups?’. Prepare yourself for this informative journey. You can also check more How to Tutorials for better solutions.

How to Stop Hiccups?

Hiccups are generally caused due to various problems. It takes place because of eating & drinking habits. Despite them, it also takes place due to emotional conditions. So, thinking over these points, we are delivering here tutorial ‘How to Stop Hiccups?’. Hiccups can stop after some time. But, some remedies should be applied. Further, it will provide good results. Hence, we are focusing on this topic.

Different Methods Used For This Purpose

There are various methods available for stopping hiccups. You may follow them. But, we are providing here some of them for better results.

Method – 1 ) Holding Your Breath

You can take a long breath in. Further, you should hold it for 20-25 seconds. Then, slowly breathe out. This is a very effective method for getting rid of it. In addition, it will make you feel comfortable.

How to Stop Hiccups step 1
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Method – 2 ) Compressing the Chest

This is another method to stop hiccups. You should compress your chest when you hiccup. It gives relief from that. You can feel relaxed after doing so. Thus, you should follow this method too.

compress chest
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Method – 3 ) Hugging Your Knees

This is one of the effective methods to use. When the hiccups occur, you should bend your knees. After that, ring them to your chest. Then, hold it for at least 2-3 minutes. By doing so, you can get rid of them.

Method – 4 ) Pulling the tongue

This is a simple technique to get rid of hiccups. You should pull your tongue in the forward direction. This creates an obstacle in the chain of hiccups & then you feel relaxed. So, you can make use of this technique easily.

Pulling tongue
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Method – 5 ) Giving Pressure on the Palm

This is another method used for this problem. You have o provide pressure on your palm. Use the thumb on one hand to provide pressure on the palm of another hand. This procedure will create a necessary hindrance in the hiccups. So, using this way is also beneficial to stop this problem.

Palm Pressure technique
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Method – 6 ) Drinking Ice Water

There is another simple technique for this problem. You should drink ice water to stop hiccups. It helps effectively for getting the solution for this issue. You can gargle it too. Further, you feel calm & chill. So, you can follow this way also.

Ice Water to Stop Hiccups
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Method – 7 ) Using Honey

A spoon of honey is also an efficient way to remedy it. It helps to break the chain of hiccups. Keep honey on your tongue & hold it for some time. You will feel better with its application. So, you can go for this too.

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Method – 8 ) Using Sugar

Sugar plays a vital role in this process. Pick a pinch of sugar & keep it on the tongue. Let sugar stay there for at least 5-10 seconds. Further, you can eat it. This method has a significant result on this health issue. You can have this as an effective remedy.

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In this way, following the above-mentioned methods, you can stop hiccups. This information will be helpful for you people.

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