How to Set up Google Assistant on Windows 10 PC

Google Assistant is a very useful application. Further its function is similar to the Alexa of Amazon & Cortana of Microsoft. It can work efficiently when installed. But, many of us don’t know ‘How to set up Google Assistant on Windows 10 PC?’. So, taking this point into account, we are here to provide detailed information about the same. You will feel satisfied with this solution. We have also covered the article ‘How to Stop Third-party Apps from Accessing Your Google Account‘. Thus, let’s have a look at this informative tutorial ‘How to set up Google Assistant on Windows 10 PC?’.

How to set up Google Assistant on Windows 10 PC?

To use this fine application Google Assistant is always better for the users. It is quite an effective way to use it the same as that of Alexa or Cortana. You will get the detailed information regarding the same. You can make use of it for your windows PC. Thus, we are delivering here a tutorial ‘How to set up Google Assistant on Windows 10 PC?’. On the other hand, you should be ready to grab this opportunity. So, let’s take a ride on this amazing journey.

Process Used For This Purpose

There is a specific process used for this purpose. Further, we are providing here a step-by-step guide for that. You should follow the steps given below.

Step – 1 ) Installing Python On your PC

The first step you should do is to install Python on your PC. Further, you may download it from the official website also.

How to Set up Google Assistant on Windows 10 PC step 1

Step – 2 ) Making a Folder ‘GoogleAssistant’

After that, create a folder naming ‘GoogleAssistant’ in your computer’s C drive.

folder making window

Step – 3 ) Open ‘Google Cloud Platform’ in Browser

Further, you should open the ‘Google Cloud Platform’ in Browser. Thus, by doing so, you will see the window.

Google cloud platform window

Step – 4 ) Select the ‘Create Project’ Option

Now, select the ‘Create Project’ Option from this window to proceed further. By doing so, you will reach here. In addition, you will need to sign in to it.

project creation window

Step – 5 ) Select the option ‘Create’

Moving ahead, select the ‘Create’ option on the screen. Before that, note down the project ID for further use.

create operational window to Set up Google Assistant on Windows 10 PC

Step – 6 ) ‘Google Assistant APIs’ Phase

In addition to the above, you should go for the ‘Google Assistant APIs’ option. Further, you should enable it for the project purpose.

Google Assistant API window

Step – 7 ) Adding the Credentials

After that, you should add the credentials for your project as per the requirements.

Step – 8 ) Select the ‘Setup consent screen’

Now, click on the ‘Setup consent screen’ to move ahead. Name this as ‘WinGoogleAssistant’ & ‘Save’ it.

setup consent screen display
Image Source: the windowsclub

Step – 9 ) Downloading the Credentials

It is necessary to download the required credentials. You should follow the path “Create Credentials > Help me choose > (Follow the instructions) > Name Box Section – Type ‘WGAcredentials’ > ‘Create OAuth client ID’ Selection” for this. By doing so, the credentials will be downloaded.

Step – 10 ) Downloading JSON File

Download the JSON File & further save it to the GoogleAssitant folder created in C Drive.

Step – 11 ) Open the ‘Command Prompt’ Window

Now, open the ‘Command Prompt’ Window on your computer. This is a very essential step to proceed ahead. After that, enter ‘py -m pip install google-assistant-sdk[samples]’ & press the enter key.

command prompt window

Step – 12 ) Installation Phase

You should wait for the installation process to get completed. Then, enter ‘py -m pip install –upgrade google-auth-oauthlib[tool]’ & press the enter key for the next operation.

Step – 13 ) Opening JSON File

Moving ahead, select the JSON File that is already saved. D right-click & open it.

Step – 14 ) Selecting the ‘File Name’

Now, select the ‘File Name’ from the properties option. Further, copy that name at that instant. It will be useful for the next step.

Step – 15 ) Add the Syntax & Paste the File Name

You should go to the command prompt window. Later, add the syntax ‘google-OAuth lib-tool –client-secrets C:\GoogleAssistant\’. In addition, in the previous syntax, paste the file name you copied before. Then add the next syntax ‘–scope –save’ & click the enter key.

Step – 16 ) URL & the Authorization Code

In a prompt window, you will see the URL before the step asking to ‘Enter the authorization code’. Now, select & copy it for further use.

Step – 17 ) Allowing access to Win Google Assistant

Further, open a new tab & paste the URL. Sign in by the use of the same previous credentials. Then, Allow access to Win Google Assistant.

Step – 18 ) Copying the Characters & Pasting in Command Window

Moving ahead, you will see the letters & numbers in the next window. You should copy these characters. Paste it in the command window where it was asked for the authorization code. After that, press the ‘Enter’ key. By doing so, the credentials get saved.

in this way, following the above-mentioned steps, you can set up Google Assistant on Windows 10 PC, We assure you that this information will be helpful to you.

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