How to Join RAW

RAW stands for Research and Analysis Wing. A huge number of aspirants demand this. It is one of the prestigious careers to adopt. Many of the candidates don’t have an idea about ‘How to Join RAW?’. So, we are here to discuss it thoroughly. Further, you can add this as your informative knowledge. We have also covered the article on ‘How to Join Indian Air Force‘. Thus, we deliver the tutorial ‘How to Join RAW?’.

How to Join RAW?

Based on amazing interest, this field is very charming. So, applicants must create their enthusiasm toward RAW. Taking this view into account, we are ready to provide a tutorial on the topic ‘How to Join RAW?’. It will be beneficial from an information point of view.

Educational Criteria

The candidates who are willing to go for RAW, have to complete some conditions. Candidates must be having good education passing from a renowned university. In addition, he must get knowledge of any one of the foreign languages to be a RAW agent.

Age Limit

Candidates having 20 years of service experience can apply for the RAW.

Other Criteria Required

There are some special criteria for applying for RAW. The candidate applying for the RAW should be a citizen of India. In addition, the applicant should be free from criminal background. Further, he should be away from drug addiction.

Selection Procedure

There is no direct selection process for the RAW. Nevertheless, the candidates are selected on an experience basis. The candidates who crack Group A Civil Services are preferred for this. The candidates are selected from Administrative Services, Police Services, Intelligence Bureau (IB), Armed forces, etc.

Recruitment Process & Posts

Types of Posts

RAW consist of 3 types of posts. Those are as follows:

  • Director
  • Field Officer
  • Analyst Level

Director Post

Recruitment of Director

Most importantly, they prefer IPS officers for this post. In addition to this, they are willing to select Group A officers from reputed departments. There is a special RAW Allied Service (RAS) exam. This exam is helpful for them to grab talent.

Field Officer Post

Recruitment Process

These posts are also important. The recruitment process is the same as above. They get selected from various institutes.

Types of Posts

It consists of 4 types of posts. Those are as follows.

  1. Senior Field Officer
  2. Deputy Field Officer
  3. Assistant Field Officer
  4. Field Officer

Analyst Level Posts

Generally, it is of desk job type. Despite that, they have a great responsibility.

Types of Posts

This category consists of 3 types of posts. Those are as follows:

  1. Central Intelligence Officer
  2. Assistant Central Intelligence Officer
  3. Junior Intelligence Officer

Thus, this is all about the RAW. Further, you can join RAW after your service & with the help of the above information too. So, prepare yourself for the same.

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