How to Join Indian Air Force

Indian Air Force is one of the strongest wings in the Armed Forces. It is a charming field as a career. Also, it is considered a prestigious one. So, the main issue the students face is ‘How to Join Indian Air Force?’. Being a fascinating segment, all dream to be there. Everyone wishes to fly high with the Air Force. We have also covered the article on ‘How to Join Indian Navy‘. Hence, we are providing the tutorial on ‘How to Join Indian Air Force?’.

How to Join Indian Air Force?

The Air Force is a beckoning field for all aspirants. Thus, it is necessary to get detailed information about it. This amazing field provides many opportunities for youngsters. So, it is highly needed to know ‘How to Join Indian Air Force?.

Branches of the Indian Air Force

There are 2 types of branches in the Indian Air Force. Those are as follows:

  • Flying Branch
  • Ground Duty Branch
    • Technical
    • Non-Technical

Flying Branch

This is an amazing kind of branch of IAF. It includes pilots. In addition, both men and women candidates can become pilots. During the actual operations, these pilots take part in it.

The types of pilots are:

  1. Helicopter Pilot
  2. Transport Pilot
  3. Fighter Pilot

Ground Duty Branch

This is another main branch of the Indian Air Force. They have access to the tower control & meteorological conditions as well. Further, they should coordinate with the pilots. Most importantly, they must inform them about the weather conditions.

Technical Branch

The technical branch of Ground Duty includes duty regarding aircraft & other types of equipment. So, the candidates must be technically sound.

Non-Technical Branch

This is another branch of Ground Duty. It includes duties regarding Education, Accounts, Administration, and Medical. For this, the candidates must gain knowledge about all these sections.

Various ways to Join Indian Air Force

There are various ways available to enter the Air Force. In the same way, we are providing here some of them. It will be helpful for you people.

Way – 1 ) After 10th

Educational Criteria

This is one of the ways to enter into the AIF. Students must be 10th pass to apply through this way. Moreover, a diploma in specified fields is accepted. Thus, students should be ready with the required qualification. Then, it will be easy for them to get selected.

Way – 2 ) After 12th

This is another way to describe it. Students can appear this way after completing the 12th.

Selection Procedure

The male candidates after the 12th can join NDA. It is possible only when they crack the written exam & SSB interview. UPSC conducts the NDA exam 2 times every year.

Air Force Joining

Further, when they complete their training, they can join the Air Force.

Way – 3 ) After Graduation

Selection Procedure

The candidates who are graduated can also apply for the IAF. They can get through cracking the CDS exam. UPSC conducts this exam 2 times every year. In addition to this, candidates can get selected by giving Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT).

Training & Selection

Further, the students get training. The training is given at IAF training Institute. When the training is completed, they are promoted to an officer. Thus, in this way also it is possible to join Indian Air Force.

Way – 4 ) Through NCC Entry

It is possible to follow this way too. NCC students have an opportunity through this.

Selection Procedure

NCC students can apply for this. They can join IAF after certain conditions. The condition is, that they must have completed NCC training with a ‘C’ Certificate from the Air Wing NCC. Only after fulfilling this condition, they are applicable. So, the NCC students should take the benefit from this.

Way – 5 ) Through University Entry Scheme (UES)

UES is another amazing way available for the students. BE/B. Tech students apply to this.

Selection Procedure

This method is for pre-final year BE/B. Tech students. Before facing SSB interviews, students must clear the previous semesters. There should be no backlogs. In addition to this, they must pass their degree with a minimum of 60%. When the students follow this process, they can be selected for IAF.

Thus, these above-mentioned ways are available to enter the IAF.

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