How to Install XAMPP for Windows

XAMPP is nothing but open-source software. Further, it provides multiple benefits to web designers & developers. In addition, it is an effective tool for WordPress, Drupal or Joomla, etc. PHP-based Software. But, many users don’t know ‘How to Install XAMPP for Windows?’. So, we are here for them. We are providing thorough information regarding the same. This will definitely help you. We have also covered the article on ‘How to Install Laravel Framework in Windows. Thus, let’s have a look at ‘How to Install XAMPP for Windows?’.

How to Install XAMPP for Windows?

XAMPP Software will help to save time to install other necessary things. Moreover, it will help to get relief from the hectic situation occurring while using it. Thus, taking this important point into account, we are delivering here a tutorial ‘How to Install XAMPP for Windows?’. You will get many advantages from this data. On the other hand, you should make up your mind to grasp this knowledge. Let’s start this amazing journey.

Process Used to Perform This Operation

There is a specific process to install XAMPP. So, you should follow the steps given below to do so.

Step – 1 ) Visit the ‘Apache Friends Website’

Most importantly, you should visit the official website to download the XAMPP. In addition, do visit the ‘’ for downloading purposes.

How to Install XAMPP for Windows step 1

Step – 2 ) Click for Download

After that, you should click on the option to download. In addition, this will depend upon your computer configuration.

XAMPP Downloading Window

Step – 3 ) Double-click the Downloaded File

Further, after downloading, double-click on that file. By doing so, you will lead to the process of installation. Then, click on the ‘Next; option on the downward side of the window.

Running the downloaded file

Step – 4 ) Selection of the ‘Components’

Then, select the components to include. But, by default, all the components are inserted to run the software. Then, click on the ‘Next’ option on the downward side.

XAMPP setup components window

Step – 5 ) Selection of the Folder

Moreover, you should select the folder to save it. So, click on the folder icon on the screen. Later, select the ‘Next’ option in the right-bottom corner.

Step – 6 ) Select Folder from Your Computer

In addition to the above, choose the folder to save it.

folder selection window

Step – 7 ) Select the ‘Language’

Now, choose the language from the various options available to select. This is a very important step to perform. Then, click on the ‘Next’ option to proceed further.

language selection setup

Step – 8 ) Unchecking the ‘Learn More’ Option

Moving ahead, you should uncheck the box ahead of the ‘Learn more about Bitnami for XAMPP’. After that, click on the ‘Next’ button on the bottom side.

Step – 9 ) Select the ‘Next’ Option

Now, it is ready for installation. So, now select the ‘Next’ option on the bottom side of the window.

You can see the installation process running.

Step – 10 ) Select the ‘Finish’ Option

When the window pops up, click on the ‘Finish’ option on the downward side.

finish window

Step – 11 ) Select the ‘Run as administrator’ Option

After that, the complete set becomes ready for installation. So, select the ‘xampp-control.exe’. Right-click on the option & select the ‘Run as administrator option.

Step – 12 ) Starting the ‘XAMPP

Now, you can use the XAMPP for further processes. You can see the window below.

XAMPP control panel

In this way, following the above-mentioned steps, you can easily install XAMPP for Windows.

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