How to Disable the Windows 10 Startup Delay

Startup Delay is a very essential factor in Windows 10. Further, it is the time necessary to start your computer. In addition, generally, it is of 10 seconds. But, you can reduce it to a lower level by disabling it. Many users don’t know about ‘How to Disable the Windows 10 Startup Delay?’. Thus, for those people, we are here. We are providing thorough information regarding the same. This will help you in many ways. We have also covered the article on ‘How to Disable Your PC’s Power Button on Windows 10‘. So, let’s have a look at ‘How to Disable the Windows 10 Startup Delay?’.

How to Disable the Windows 10 Startup Delay?

In Windows 10, startup delay helps to boost the programs & applications. This is necessary for loading memory & performing an essential task before starting. It is needful. But, you can lower it by disabling it. Taking this very important point into consideration, we are giving here detailed information. So, here we g for the informative tutorial ‘How to Disable the Windows 10 Startup Delay?’. On the other hand, you should be ready to grab this opportunity. So, let’s begin the tutorial.

Process Used For This Operation

There is a certain process to complete this operation. You should follow the steps below to do so.

Step – 1 ) Open the ‘Run Command’ Window

Most importantly, you should open the ‘Run Command’ window. You should press ‘Windows key + R’ together. By doing so, you will see this.

How to Disable the Windows 10 Startup Delay step 1

Step – 2 ) Add the ‘Regedit’ Command

After that, enter the ‘Regedit command at a specified place. Then, click on the ‘OK’ button. This will lead to the registry editor window.

run command window

Step – 3 ) Select the ‘Explorer’ Option

Moving ahead, select the ‘Explorer’ option. After that, to create a new key, right-click on that. Select the ‘New’ option & further select the ‘key’ option.

registry editor window

Step – 4 ) Name the New key ‘Serialize’

Next to that, name this key ‘Serialize’. By doing so, a new key is created.

serialize key window

Step – 5 ) Select the ‘DWORD (32-bit) Value’ Option

In addition, right-click on the newly created key ‘Serialize’ & then select the ‘New’ option. Then, you should select the ‘DWORD (32-bit) Value’ option.

DWORD (32-bit) Value window

Step – 6 ) Naming the Value

Now, name this new value as ‘StartupDelayInMSec’. This will be displayed below.

registry editor value naming window

Step – 7 ) Setting the Value

At this moment, right-click on the newly created value, ‘StartupDelayInMSec’. Then add the value in the ‘Value data box. It is necessary to put the value ‘0’ in the box. After that, click on the ‘Ok’ button. When you complete this process, restart your computer for better results.

value edit window to Disable the Windows 10 Startup Delay

In this way, following the above-mentioned steps, you can disable the Windows 10 startup delay.

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