How to Configure Do Not Disturb Mode in Windows 10

Windows 10 have many useful features for users. Further, you can make use of them for better results. In addition, there is a special feature of ‘Do Not Disturb Mode’. It helps to pause the notifications. But, many users don’t know ‘How to Configure Do Not Disturb Mode in Windows 10?’. So, we are here to guide you. We are providing thorough information regarding the same. This will help you activate this mode. We have also covered the article on ‘How to Hide Most Used Apps in the Start Menu on Windows 10‘. Thus, get ready to have a beautiful journey of ‘How to Configure Do Not Disturb Mode in Windows 10?’.

How to Configure Do Not Disturb Mode in Windows 10?

When you are doing some important work, you need to focus more. Further, it is also needful when you play games. So, you should make use of this facility of DND Mode. It helps to notify you with silence. We are delivering here an elaborative tutorial on ‘How to Configure Do Not Disturb Mode in Windows 10?’. On the other end, you should be ready to grab this charming opportunity. Thus, let’s start this amazing journey.

Process Used For This Operation

There is a specific way to perform this operation. You should follow the steps below to do so.

Step – 1 ) Click on the ‘Notification Menu’

The first thing you should do is to click on the ‘Notification Menu’.

How to Configure Do Not Disturb Mode in Windows 10 step 1

Step – 2 ) Select ‘Focus Assist’ Option

After that, select the ‘Focus Assist’ option to do the necessary operation. In addition, you can toggle it between Alarms Only or Priority Only. You should choose the one according to your convenience.

Focus assist window

Step – 3 ) Alternative for Toggling Settings

You should right-click on the notification menu. Then there will be the following display.

notification menu window

Step – 4 ) Select ‘Focus Assist’

Now, you should choose the option from either ‘Priority only or Alarms only’. It depends upon your convenience.

focus assist window

Step – 5 ) Click on the ‘Settings’ Menu

You should select the ‘Settings’ menu after clicking on the ‘Start’ menu from your computer.

settings menu window

Step – 6 ) Select the ‘System’ Option

Moving ahead, you should select the ‘System’ option from the list of given various options.

system window settings

Step – 7 ) Select the ‘Notifications & Actions’ Option

After that, select the ‘Notifications & Actions’ option on the left-hand side of the window. Further, you should choose the available entities carefully at your convenience.

Notifications & Actions window display

Step – 8 ) Choose the ‘Focus Assist’ Option

In addition to the above step, you should select the ‘Focus Assist’ option for changing the settings. So, proceed ahead with this option.

Focus assist window to Configure Do Not Disturb Mode in Windows 10

Step – 9 ) Toggling of the Entities Phase

Now, you should select either option from ‘Priority only or Alarms only’. So, you should go this way.

toggling window to Configure Do Not Disturb Mode

Step – 10 ) Automatic Rule Segment

Further, you should select or deselect the menu as per your requirements.

Step – 11 ) Hours Selection

You can select the hours for this activity. Switch ON the option showing ‘ During these times. You can do it with the help of the following window.

during these hours window

Step – 12 ) Priority Selection

You can manage the notifications according to the priority. So, it is possible by using the following window.

priority list window

In this way, following the above-mentioned steps, you can easily configure Do Not Disturb Mode in Windows 10.

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