How to Fix Start PXE Over IPv4 in Windows 11/10

Windows 11/10 operating system provides several useful applications for users. So, the system performance increases with efficiency. In addition to that, there are multiple other operations to perform. Thus, the ‘Boot’ is one of those applications. It is essential to boot your system. You need to follow some process for that purpose. But, you face the problem of Windows trying to boot from PXE. It creates obstacles. So, it becomes needful to know ‘How to Fix Start PXE Over IPv4 in Windows 11/10?’. We are focusing on this very important point for you people. This will lead you to have a proper solution. Thus, you can easily apply it to your system. So, here we take a look at ‘How to Fix Start PXE Over IPv4 in Windows 11/10?’.

How to Fix Start PXE Over IPv4 in Windows 11/10?

The ‘PXE Booting’ is nothing but the booting of a system over a network. Moreover, IPv4 means an IPv4-based network. So, when the other booting operational tools fail, your system chooses this ‘PXE Booting’. This functions as the ultimate option for this operation. So, you need to do it very carefully. We are delivering here a detailed tutorial on ‘How to Fix Start PXE Over IPv4 in Windows 11/10?’. From the solution point of view, this solution works as a final option. So, we assure you that this data will help you to get rid of the problem successfully. On the other hand, keep your active participation in this overall process. Join us on this amazing journey now.

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PXE stands for ‘Preboot Execution Environment’. It has a special characteristic to boot any computer system with a client-server interface. So, it works as the last option to perform this very useful booting operation. The ‘Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)’ protocol is for this purpose. Moreover, this PXE feature is in an enabled state on any system. But, you can easily disable it with the help of various operational points.


IPv4 stands for ‘Internet Protocol version 4’. As its name suggests, it is the fourth version of the Internet Protocol. Further, it is one of the core protocols used. So, from the functionality point of view, this is very useful in many aspects. It makes use of 32-bit address space.

Start PXE over IPv4 Error Message

Sometimes, this ‘Start PXE over IPv4’ error message displays on your system. Thus, this takes place when your system tries to perform the boot on the LAN. In fact, this issue occurs when other boot devices or hard disks were not available to boot. So, it takes place because of the wrong BIOS configuration. Here we are discussing the various methods to get rid of it. So, adhere to them for better results.

Useful Method Available For Getting Rid of This Issue

A list of different methods will be available there to solve this problem. But, we are giving more stress to the most probable solutions for you. Do follow them to have better outcomes here.

Method – 1 ) Disabling ‘Secure Boot and Legacy Support’ Options

2 important factors are ‘Secure Boot’ and ‘Legacy Support’. So, you need to disable them to do the necessary operation successfully. All you need to do is to follow the steps given below properly.

1 ) Get into Boot into BIOS of Your Computer

The very first thing you need to do is to Boot into the BIOS of your computer. So, at the time of starting your computer system, continue to press the right key. Thus, it will lead to entering the BIOS of the system. You can perform the operations there. So, depending upon the manufacturer, the right key for your system could be F1, F2, F10, etc. Do as mentioned here.

2 ) Choose the ‘Security’ Option

Further, press the right key again on the screen. So, go to the ‘Security’ tab available there. Use the keys properly.

3 ) Disabling Phase

Then, move towards the ‘Secure Boot’ option on the screen. Click on that. Thus, it will open various options there. Choose the ‘Disable’ option to make it disabled.

Method 1 How to Fix Start PXE Over IPv4 in Windows 11/10 Step 3

4 ) Disable the ‘Legacy Support’ Option

Similarly, move towards the ‘Legacy Support’ option on the screen. Click on that & finally hit the ‘Disable’ function there. It will disable this tool also. Then save the changes & exit from the screen.

5 ) Restart the System

Eventually, restart your system to save the changes made.

Thus, this will disable the expected tools properly.

Method – 2 ) Disabling Boot to LAN

Similar to the above method, this one is also important. Thus, go through the steps given below to achieve this target. Just go for it now.

1 ) Get into Boot into BIOS of Your Computer

While starting your computer system, continuously press the right key. So, it will lead to opening the BIOS of the system. So, depending upon the manufacturer, the right key for your system could be F1, F2, F10, etc. Choose it properly & operate it.

2 ) Disable the ‘PXE Boot to LAN’ Option

Moving ahead, move to the ‘Boot’ tab on the system screen available. Click on that. So, scrolling down, click on the ‘PXE Boot to LAN’ option. When it displays options for the operation, choose the ‘Disable’ option from there. This activity will disable the functioning easily.

Method 2 How to Fix Start PXE Over IPv4 in Windows 11/10 Step 2

3 ) Save and Exit

It is time to save the changes made here. So, do the saving operation & then exit from the operational window.

4 ) Restart Your System

Eventually, reboot your system to save these changes to display the results. So, do this necessary operation here.

With the help of this information, you can disable the ‘Boot to LAN’.



In this way, this is all about fixing ‘Start PXE Over IPv4’ in Windows 11/10. So, we hope that this comprehensive data will help you to get the results. We assure you that this useful data will help you to resolve this issue easily. You can get the outcomes from the application of this detailed information. Please stay connected with us for more informative tutorials like this.

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