How to Edit and Crop Photos on Android

Android is a very popular operating system for mobile phones. Further, it has a wide range of users. In addition, you will have many advantages with this. There is a superb facility for photos. You can edit & crop the photos easily. So, it is helpful in many ways for the users. Moreover, you can get better results with this application. Many users are unaware of ‘How to Edit and Crop Photos on Android?’. We are providing here complete information about this topic. So, you should make use of it for yourself. Google Photos is the application we are going to use for it. It is a pre-installed app for the android phone with multiple features. We have also covered the article on ‘How to Stream Movies from Your Computer to Your Android Phone‘. Thus, let’s start the journey of ‘How to Edit and Crop Photos on Android?’.

How to Edit and Crop Photos on Android?

Google Photos application comes with really very efficient tools. So, you should go for its use. It is a wonderful application for the users. We are delivering here a tutorial on ‘How to Edit and Crop Photos on Android?’. You will satisfy with this comprehensive data. We assure you that this will surely help you with the operations. On the other side, prepare your mind for this journey. You should not miss this beautiful opportunity. Let’s have a look at this interesting topic.

Process Used For This Purpose

There is a specific process available for this purpose. So, simply follow the steps below to do so.

1 ) Open ‘Google Photos Application

The very first thing you should do is to open the ‘Google Photos application. So, do the same for further operation.

How to Edit and Crop Photos on Android step 1

2 ) Choose the Photo

After that, you will see many pictures there. So, choose the one for editing purposes.

choosing photo window

3 ) Click on the ‘Edit’ Option to Edit Photos

In addition to the above step, you can start the editing operation from here. You will see the various icons on the downward side of the window. Thus, click on the ‘Edit’ icon to go ahead.

edit window

4 ) ‘Suggestions’ Window

Moving ahead, you should observe here various options as suggestions. So, those are the ‘Enhance, Warm & Cool’. You should choose any of them for image editing.

suggestions window

5 ) ‘Crop’ Option Window

Further, there is another ‘Crop’ tool available. So, you can apply various types of cropping options. It will lead to having a better aspect ratio, rotation, or perspective. Choose the way you would like to apply.

crop option window

6 ) ‘Adjust’ Option Window

After that, there is an option of ‘Adjust’. So, there are various tools are available like brightness, contrast, white point, highlights, etc. Thus, choose the tools you need to apply here.

adjust window

8 ) ‘Filters’ Option Window

‘Filters’ is another tool useful for editing. There are various effects available. Thus, choose properly as per your requirement.

filters window to Edit and Crop Photos on Android

9 ) ‘More’ Option Window

When you click on the ‘More’ option, you will see the following window. The’ Markup’ option will allow you to draw on the picture.

more option window

9 ) ‘Save copy’ Option Window

When you are done with all the editing process, click on the ‘Save copy’ option available on the downward side of the window.

save copy window to Edit and Crop Photos on Android

In this way, following the above-mentioned steps, you can complete the operation.

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