How to Create a Drop Cap in Google Docs

‘Google Docs’ is a really fantastic feature of Google. Further, you can save your documents with this application. In addition, it provides space for storing the documents properly. You can get much better results with this app. There is a facility of ‘Drop Cap’ in Google Docs. the ‘Drop Cap’ is nothing but the first letter of a paragraph. So, you can apply to have a decorative effect on your document. But, many users don’t know ‘How to Create a Drop Cap in Google Docs?’. There is no need to worry at all. Because we are here to help you. We are providing detailed information about this topic for you. You should apply it to your documents. We have also covered an article on ‘How to Create an Org Chart in Google Docs‘. Thus, let’s take a ride of ‘How to Create a Drop Cap in Google Docs?’.

How to Create a Drop Cap in Google Docs?

A ‘Drop Cap’ is always in an upper case. So, it reflects your article beautifully. You might have observed this style in many books or famous articles. Moreover, now, you can also use it for your creative work. We are delivering here a tutorial ‘How to Create a Drop Cap in Google Docs?’. We assure you that this comprehensive data will give you better outcomes. So, apply this information to your data for having advantages. On the other side, we expect your enthusiastic involvement in this process. Thus, let’s start this amazing journey.

Process Used to Create a Drop Cap in Google Docs

There is a specific process available for this purpose. It is essential to adhere to the steps given below.

1 ) Visit the Official Google Docs Website

First of all, you should visit the official Google Docs website from your system. Sign in with the required information. Then, click on the ‘+’ sign to create a new document.

How to Create a Drop Cap in Google Docs step 1

2 ) Write the Paragraph

After that, write the article paragraph you want to write. Then click on the ‘Insert’ option.

writing paragraph window

3 ) Choose the ‘New’ Option

When you click on the ‘Insert’ option, a list will display. Then, select the ‘New’ option expanding from the ‘Drawing’ option.

new file in untitled document

4 ) Select the ‘Word art’ Option

Moving ahead, click on the ‘Actions’ menu. From the dropdown options, select the ‘Word art’ option

drawing word art window

5 ) Enter the Letter

Now, enter the first letter of your paragraph. Then, press the enter key. Let’s type the letter ‘T’ as the first letter of our paragraph is ‘T’.

letter entering window

6 ) Display of the Letter

Then, the letter will display on the window. You can see it as below.

letter display window

7 ) Changing the Font Style

You can change the font style of this letter. So, click on the downward arrow showing the title ‘Arial’. Then, choose any one of the styles you wish to select.

font style changing window

8 ) Editing Phase

At this stage, you can edit the ‘Drop Cap’. Thus, you can use the wrap text options available exactly below the letter. Further, click on the ‘Edit’ option if you want to make any changes to that.

editing window

9 ) Final Drop Cap Display

This is the finishing moment of the process. When you complete all the above steps, your drop cap is ready for display. So, it will look just as shown below.

final drop cap display window

In this way, following the above-mentioned steps, you can create a drop cap in Google Docs.

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