How to Block Windows 11 from Being Installed on Your Computer

In today’s era, Windows 11 operating system is rich in terms of applications. It is ready to launch soon. Moreover, users will satisfy with its performance. Thus, it becomes very useful to operate properly. It has a good visual aspect too. In addition to that, its design is also cool in nature. But, users that are familiar with Windows 10 do not wish to update it. They wish to use the Windows 10 OS itself. So, it is possible to block windows 11 installation. Many users don’t know ‘How to Block Windows 11 from Being Installed on Your Computer?’. So, do not worry about it. We are here to guide you regarding the same. Here you will get thorough information about this very essential topic. Thus, here we go to have a ride at ‘How to Block Windows 11 from Being Installed on Your Computer?’

How to Block Windows 11 from Being Installed on Your Computer?

A number of users feel more comfortable with Windows 10. In fact, they feel that they can access it very easily. Windows 11 is a bit challenging to operate. It is only because of additional features & designs available. If you also wish to stop the installation, then you are at the right place. We are delivering here a tutorial on ‘How to Block Windows 11 from Being Installed on Your Computer?’. Even though the new features increase productivity, some are no willing to go for it. Thus, they don’t want to migrate to Windows 11. Here you will get thorough information to proceed towards it. So, do not miss this chance. Grab it. Join us to reach your destination.

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Reasons Responsible to Block Windows 11 from Being Installed

There are various different reasons available to block Windows 11. In fact, all of them may be correlating. But, we are focusing more on some of the major reasons here. Just go through these to be more familiar.

  • Easy Accessibility: The traditional users of Windows are now more familiar with the Windows 10 OS. Thus, they feel so easy to handle. They do not get any kind of obstacle while operating it. On the other hand, Windows 11 is very rich in all aspects. It has various features like design, app location, size, etc. So, the old users feel uncomfortable handling it. They can not cope up with the new change.
  • Easy Customization Facility: You can easily modify the settings as you wish in Windows 10. This is only because you can easily do the changes as being familiar. So, you can customize the applications or the overall look so easily. It will help you to operate it conveniently. On the other end, this facility is a bit different in Windows 11. So, users prefer the Windows 10 OS. This is the main reason behind this.

Considering the above-mentioned reasons, we are focusing here on some o the possible solutions for you people. This will surely help to get rid of it.

Useful Methods for Getting Rid Of This Problem

To get out of this issue, there is a variety of solutions available. So, just go through the process given below to resolve the problem completely. Do follow them in order to get the results.

Method – 1 ) Making Use of the ‘Group Policy Editor’ Option

‘Group Policy Editor’ is one of the best tools to solve this issue completely. Thus, go through the steps given below to reach the destination. Do follow them to get the required result here.

1 ) Go for Opening ‘Run Window’

In order to solve this problem, press the ‘Windows key + R’ to open the ‘Run Window’. Thus, it will lead to opening the window as shown below.

Method 1 How to Block Windows 11 from Being Installed on Your Computer Step 1

2 ) Add the Command

Further, copy the following command given in the box. So, do this activity first.


Then, paste it into the specified box on the displayed screen. Further, click on the ‘OK’ button or hit the Enter key to proceed ahead.

command addition in run window

3 ) Choose the ‘Windows Update for Business’ Option

Now, follow the path given below. Thus, navigate through that to choose the ‘Windows Update for Business ‘ option.

Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Update > Windows Update for Business

Click on that for the next move.

choosing 'Windows Update for Business' Option window

4 ) Double click on the ‘Select the target feature update version’

Now, move to the right-hand side section. So, choose the ‘Select the target feature update version’ option. This is a very important step to perform here.

'Select the target feature update version' option window

5 ) Enabling Phase

On this screen, scroll down to the enabling or disabling functions section. So, click on the ‘Enabled’ option there. Further, in the text field, add ’21H1 or 21H2′. When you are done with all this, click on the ‘OK’ button available on the downward side of the window.

enabling phase window to Block Windows 11 from Being Installed on Your Computer

So, with the help of this data, you can easily block Windows 11.

Method – 2 ) Making Use of ‘Registry Editor’

From the alternative solution point of view, the ‘Registry Editor’ option is useful. So, go through the steps provided below to get the final result. Go for it now.

1 ) Open ‘Run Window’

Press the ‘Windows Key + R’ keys together to open the ‘Run Window’ on the screen. So, you will observe it as shown below.

Method 2 How to Block Windows 11 from Being Installed on Your Computer Step 1

2 ) Command Addition in Window

ow, it’s time to add the command in the box. So, copy the following command in the box. Then, paste it into the section on the displayed screen.


Click on the ‘OK’ option then or press the Enter key.

command window command addition

3 ) Choose the ‘Windows Update’ Key

Now, navigate through the path below. So, choose the ‘Windows Update’ key there. If you do not find it, you should create it there.

'Windows Update' Key window

4 ) Create the ‘TargetReleaseVersion’ Key

Right-click on the ‘WindowsUpdate’ folder as selected before. Then, follow the ‘New > DWORD (32-bit) Value’ path. Name this new key as ‘TargetReleaseVersion’. In the end, press the ‘Enter’ key to save it.

TargetReleaseVersion' Key window

5 ) Data Value Changing Phase

Here, double-click on the ‘TargetReleaseVersion’. A pop-up window will appear. In the ‘Value data’ box, put the value ‘1’. Then, click the ‘OK’ option.

value changing phase window

6 ) Value Changing Phase

Right-click on the ‘WindowsUpdate folder’ again & follow the ‘New > DWORD (32-bit) Value’ path. Name this newly created key as ‘TargetReleaseVersionInfo’. Then double click this ‘TargetReleaseVersionInfo’ & add the value data ’21H1 21H2′. In the end, click the ‘OK’ button for the purpose of saving it.

value data addition window to Block Windows 11 from Being Installed on Your Computer

Ultimately, it will block Windows 11.


In this way, it’s all about the blocking process of Windows 11. So, adhere to the steps above to get the desired results. Hope so you will satisfy with this comprehensive data.

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