10 Interesting Vin Diesel Facts, You Should Never Miss.

1.Vin diesel’s real name is Mark Sinclair

Img Source: britannica.com

2. He was born in 1967

Img Source: popsugar.com

3. He is 6ft tall

Img Source: fastandfurious.fandom.com

4. He has a twin brother

Img Source: biography.com

5. He is of Italian and African American descent

Img Source: abcnews.go.com

6. He started his career as a breakdancer

Img Source: stan-lee-cameo.fandom.com

7. He is a vegetarian

Img Source: nytimes.com

8. He has a dog named Paul

Img Source: cnet.com

9. He is an avid video game player

Img Source: cinemablend.com

10. He has his own production company called One Race Films

Img Source: vanityfair.com

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