How To Turn On / Off Autoplay On YouTube

YouTube is a leading video platform in today’s world. It has a huge storage facility available. You can create your channel there & do all the things. Moreover, there are various informative videos available. So, you can make use of them for your benefit. In addition to it, there is a special function called ‘Autoplay’. This function plays the videoes when finishing one. So, sometimes it may be helpful. But, most of the time feels annoying. So, many users ask ‘How To Turn On / Off Autoplay On YouTube?’. Do not worry at all about it. We are here to guide you regarding the same. Thus, you can easily get rid of this issue. This facility will operate according to your need. So, without wasting time, let’s take a look at ‘How To Turn On / Off Autoplay On YouTube?’.

How To Turn On / Off Autoplay On YouTube?

When we require information about something, we go to YouTube. Thus, the video content plays an easy role in understanding. That is why many users prefer this video platform widely. In addition to it, YouTube suggests relevant videos for information purposes. It becomes very helpful in that scenario. But, many times you fail to get the proper video suggestions. Those videos start on autoplay mode. So, to get rid of this issue we are delivering the article ‘How To Turn On / Off Autoplay On YouTube?’. This will surely help you to turn it On/Off. Here we go to look into it.

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YouTube & Autoplay Mode

In today’s technical era, there are various video platforms available. But, from the video content point of view, YouTube is a rich platform. It was launched in the year 2005. In addition to that, it becomes the top-class video platform for users. Thus, they started the ‘AutoPlay’ video facility there. The main purpose behind this activity is to give you more informative knowledge there. So, when you complete any video of your interest, the next video related to your area of interest will play automatically. It will provide suggestions regarding these also. So, you can refer them to get more information. In addition, for safety purposes, it is essential if you turn off the auto-play action.

Useful Methods Available to Turn On / Off Autoplay On YouTube

There are various useful methods available to execute this operation successfully. So, we are providing here some of them for you people.

Method – 1 ) For Computer

There is a specific process available for the computer system. So, we are explaining it in detail to you people. All you need to do is to go through the steps given below. Through this process, you can easily turn off the autoplay function from the computer system. Do the same to get the results.

1 ) Open YouTube on Your System

First of all, go to the web browser. Then, visit the official YouTube website. ( This is an easy way to perform this essential operation.

Method 1 How To Turn On / Off Autoplay On YouTube Step 1

2 ) Open the Video

Further, select any one of the videos from the YouTube Playlist. This is a necessary step to perform to achieve this desired target. So, choose any one of the videos & click on that to play it on the screen displayed.

playing video window

3 ) Turn the Autoplay Off

Now, it’s time to see on the downward side of the screen. So, tap on the video playing screen to pause it. Then, you will observe the ‘Auto-play is on’ icon on the downward side of the screen. Thus, go there & switch the key to the off state. So, slide it towards the left-hand side. It will off this function from working.

autoplay off operation window To Turn On / Off Autoplay On YouTube

Method – 2 ) For Mobile Phone

Similarly, there is a facility for mobile phones also. It is a bit different than the PC. So, you should go through the steps given below to do so. Do adhere to them to fulfill the operation.

1 ) Choose the YouTube Application

The very first thing you should do is to go to the home screen of your mobile phone. So, go there & click on the YouTube application icon.

Method 2 How To Turn On / Off Autoplay On YouTube Step 1

2 ) Click on the Profile Icon

Moving ahead, you will reach the actual YouTube window. So, here, click on the profile icon available in the upper-right corner of the window.

youtube profile icon display

3 ) Choose the ‘Settings’ Option

Further, you will land on this page. So, click on the ‘Settings’ option to make some internal changes according to the requirements. Just follow it to execute properly.

settings window To Turn On / Off Autoplay On YouTube

4 ) Select the ‘General’ Tab

Now, click on the ‘General’ tab available at the top of the list displayed on the screen. So, tap on that to proceed further.

general option window

5 ) Choose the ‘Muted playback in feeds’ Option

Now, another window will appear on the screen. So, here you will find various options on the screen. Thus, click on the ‘Muted playback in feeds’ option available in the middle portion of the screen. This is a very important step to execute. So, do it properly. It will lead to open a pop-up window on the screen.

Muted playback in feeds Option window

6 ) Choose the ‘Off’ Option

Now, as discussed in the previous step, a pop-up window will appear. Thus you will find the ‘Always on, Wi-Fi only & Off’ options displayed on the screen. To carry out our desired operation, click on the ‘Off’ option to turn the autoplay function off. In this way, your moves will turn into the proper execution of the operation.

off option selection To Turn On / Off Autoplay On YouTube

Hence, this method for mobile phones will also help you with the turn-off operation. You will find it helpful.


That’s all about turning On / Off Autoplay on YouTube. We hope that this comprehensive data will help you to get rid of this problem. With the successful execution, you will feel relaxed not being suffered from unnecessary suggestions & automatically playing. So, it is going to help you a lot. Stay tuned with us for such beautiful & informative tutorials on this platform. We assure you that these all articles will give several benefits.

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