10 Interesting Tilda Swinton Facts, You Should Never Miss.

1. Tilda Swinton is a Scottish actress.

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2. She was born on 5 November 1960.

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3. Her full name is Katherine Mathilda Swinton.

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4. She has won an Academy Award, a BAFTA Award, and a Golden Globe Award.

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5. She has also been nominated for a Tony Award.

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6. She is known for her roles in films such as The Deep End, We Need to Talk About Kevin, and Only Lovers Left Alive.

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7. She is also known for her work in independent and arthouse films.

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8. She is a patron of the Scottish Youth Theatre.

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9. She is also a patron of the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

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10. She has two children with her former partner John Byrne.

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