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Stephanie Beatriz Interesting Facts: Stephanie Beatriz Is Also Known As [‘Stephanie Beatriz Bischoff Alvizuri’].

Stephanie Beatriz Bischoff Alvizuri (born February 10th, 1981) is an American actress and singer. She is known for playing Detective Rosa Diaz in the Fox/NBC comedy series Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Jessica in the Independent Drama Short Term 12 (2013), Carla in the Film-Realization of the Musical In the Heights, and the protagonist Mirabel Madrigal in the Disney film Encanto.

Stephanie Beatriz
(Source: TMDB)
Birth Date / Birthday1981-02-10
People Also Call[‘Stephanie Beatriz Bischoff Alvizuri’]
Best Known ForActing
Birth PlaceNeuquén, Argentina

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Stephanie Beatriz Biography Details

Stephanie Beatriz is an Argentine-American actress. She is best known for her role as Rosa Diaz in the Brooklyn Nine-Nine police procedural comedy – drama. She was raised in Newport Beach, California and has played in the short film A.W.O.L. (2007). Her television credits include the soap opera All My Children (2010), the medical drama Body of Proof (2011) and the comedy series Modern Family (2012).

Some Interesting Facts About Stephanie Beatriz

Frequently Asked Questions About Stephanie Beatriz

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1. What is Stephanie Beatriz’s ethnicity?

Answer: Stephanie Beatriz is an Argentine-American actress, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina to a father of Swiss-German descent and a mother of Spanish and Portuguese descent, if she is of “Swiss-German, Spanish and Portuguese descent, with a little bit of Indigenous Argentine “.

2. What is Stephanie Beatriz’s height?

Answer: Stephanie Beatriz’s height is 5’4″.

3. What is Stephanie Beatriz’s net worth?

Answer: Stephanie Beatriz is an Argentine-American actress known for her role as Rosa Diaz in the policing-procedural comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

4. What is Stephanie Beatriz’s husband’s name?

Answer: The name of Stephanie Beatriz’s husband is Brad Hoss.

5. Who is Stephanie Beatriz’s agent?

Answer: Stephanie Beatriz is Jordan Berkus’ agent.

6. How much does Stephanie Beatriz make per episode?

Answer: Stephanie Beatriz’s salary per episode is not publicly known, but it is safe to say she makes a significant amount of money per episode as she is one of the main cast members on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

7. What is Stephanie Beatriz’s zodiac sign?

Answer: Virgos are known for their practicality, attention to detail and hard work ; they are often perfectionists who strive for order and balance in their lives ; Virgos are also known for their loyalty and dependability.

8. What is Stephanie Beatriz’s favorite food?

Answer: Stephanie Beatriz’s favorite food is sushi: She loves the freshness of the fish and the rice.

9. What is Stephanie Beatriz’s favorite movie?

Answer: Stephanie Beatriz’s favorite film is The Shawshank Redemption.

10. What is Stephanie Beatriz’s favorite TV show?

Answer: Stephanie Beatriz’s favorite TV show is Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which she said that she loves because it is funny and relatable.

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