How to Send a Confidential Email in Gmail

Gmail is an email service by Google. Further, you can access it to get many beneficial features. In addition, you can use it for sharing mails, documents & files. So, it is a very powerful tool for contact & sharing purposes. It also provides the facility to send emails in a confidential way. But, many users are unaware of ‘How to Send a Confidential Email in Gmail?’. No need to worry at all. To help you people, we are present here. We are throwing a piece of very important information regarding the same. We are sure about its benefits. You can directly apply it to your system also. Thus, you will be familiar with its various advantages. We have also covered the article on ‘How to Send Emails to Undisclosed Recipients in Gmail‘. So, let’s take a ride on ‘How to Send a Confidential Email in Gmail?’.

How to Send a Confidential Email in Gmail?

Sometimes, you need to keep your privacy. So, it becomes essential to make use of Gmail’s ‘Confidential mode’ for this purpose. This is a highly secured way to perform your desired operation. Taking this very important point into account, we are giving here data related to it. Thus, You should go for it. We are delivering a tutorial on ‘How to Send a Confidential Email in Gmail?’. You will find various beneficial aspects of its application. Let’s start this amazing journey of information.

Process Used to Send a Confidential Email in Gmail

There is a specific process used to complete this task. It is necessary to follow the steps given for that.

1 ) Sign in to Gmail

The first thing you should do is to sign in to your Gmail account. so, provide the necessary information & sign in. Then, click on the ‘Compose’ option on the upper left-hand side corner of the window.

How to Send a Confidential Email in Gmail step 1

2 ) Click on the ‘Confidential mode’ Option

After that, create an email you want to construct. Thus, fill the required locations with the proper information. When you are done with all of these tasks, click on the ‘Confidential mode’ option. It is available on the bottom side of the mail compose window.

confidential mode Gmail option

3 ) Confidential mode window

In addition to the above step, a confidential mode window will appear. so, in that, you can set the expiry for your mail from the various duration options available. Then, choose the way you want to send the email. Let’s suppose, you select the ‘No SMS passcode’ option. Then, click on the ‘Save’ button below that.

Confidential mode window

You can choose the expiry duration from the following options in that window. Choose it at your convenience.

confidential mode expiry duration window

4 ) SMS passcode Way

There is an alternate method to do the same operation. But, here you should provide the phone number.

SMS passcode window

5 ) Confirm Phone Numbers Window

Here, you should enter the mobile number of the recipient. Enter it very carefully. Then, send the SMS code to them via message.

confirm phone numbers window

6 ) Removing Access Phase

If you don’t wish that the receiver should not see this mail, then there is a facility for that also. You can use the ‘Remove Access’ option for that. So, click on the sent mail. Then, at the bottom of the window, you see this option. Click on that to get the operation done.

removing access window

In this way, following the above-mentioned steps, you can easily send a confidential email to Gmail.

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