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Luke Evans Interesting Facts: Luke Evans Is Also Known As [‘루크 에반스’, ‘Luke George Evans’, ‘Λουκ Έβανς’, ‘Люк Еванс’].

Luke George Evans (born April 15, 1979 ) is a Welsh actor who began his career on the stage and appeared in many of London’s West End productions such as Rent, Miss Saigon and Piaf before making his film debut in the Clash of the Titans 2010 remake, Evans was also cast in such action and thriller films as Immortals (2011), The Raven (2012), and The Three Musketeers (2011).

Luke Evans
(Source: TMDB)
Birth Date / Birthday1979-04-15
People Also Call[‘루크 에반스’, ‘Luke George Evans’, ‘Λουκ Έβανς’, ‘Люк Еванс’]
Best Known ForActing
Birth PlacePontypool, Wales, UK

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Luke Evans Biography Details

Luke Evans is a Welsh actor and singer, who began his career in the West End of London by performing in many productions such as Rent, Miss Saigon and Les Misérables. He has also worked in television and film, including the miniseries The Great Train Robbery (2013) and the musical Beauty and the Beast (2017). Evans has said that he is proud of his Welsh heritage and would like to return to Wales to live and work.

Some Interesting Facts About Luke Evans

Frequently Asked Questions About Luke Evans

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1. What is Luke Evans’ background?

Answer: Luke Evans is a Welsh actor born in Pontypool, in the south of Wales, started his career on the stage with many of London’s West End productions such as Rent, Miss Saigon and Piaf before making his film debut in the 2003 film Clash of the Titans, and has since starred in a number of films, including The Hobbit Trilogy, Fast & Furious 6 and Dracula Untold.

2. How did Luke Evans become an actor?

Answer: Luke Evans began his acting career in his home of Wales, starring in various stage productions, made his film debut in the 2007 movie “Clash of the Titans” and has since appeared in such films as “The Hobbit” trilogy, “Dracula Untold, and Beauty and the Beast” Evans also starred in the series “The Alienist” and “The Girl on the Train” on the small screen.

3. What are some of Luke Evans’ most famous roles?

Answer: Some of Luke Evans’ most famous roles are in the films The Hobbit, Fast Furious 6 and Dracula Untold, and he has also appeared in several stage productions including Les Misérables and Miss Saigon.

4. What kind of movies does Luke Evans like to watch?

Answer: Luke Evans is a fan of all sorts of movies, but he loves to watch those that are thrilling and filled with suspense, and also likes to watch movies that are based on historical periods or based on true stories.

5. What is Luke Evans’ favorite food?

Answer: There’s no definitive answer to this question as Luke Evans’ favorite food could change depending on his mood or what is available but some of his favorite foods include Italian dishes like pasta and pizza as well as anything with a lot of flavor like Indian or Thai cuisine.

6. What is Luke Evans’ favorite music?

Answer: Luke Evans is a self-proclaimed metalhead and his favorite music is anything with a heavy beat and a lot of attitude. He loves music that makes him feel like he can conquer the world, and he’s always on the lookout for new bands to add to his collection.

7. What is Luke Evans’ favorite hobby?

Answer: Luke Evans is the favorite hobby of acting, having been in many films and television shows and has won numerous awards for his work.

8. What is Luke Evans’ relationship status?

Answer: Luke Evans is currently in a relationship with actor Jon Kortajarena, who have been together since 2015 and appear very happy ; there is no information whether or not they are planning to get married or have children.

9. What is Luke Evans’ net worth?

Answer: In 2021, Luke Evans’ net worth is estimated at $30 million. The Welsh actor has had a successful career in both film and television – including his first role in the film The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, in which he played Bard the Bowman, in such films as Fast & Furious 6, The Girl on the Train and Beauty and the Beast. In addition to his work in film, Evans has also appeared on several popular television shows including Once Upon a Time and The Tudors.

10. What are some interesting facts about Luke Evans?

Answer: Luke Evans is a welsh actor and was born on April 15, 1979 in Pontypool, Wales, as well as appearing in the Hobbit series, as well as Gaston in Disney’s live action retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Some of his other notable film credits include Fast & Furious 6, Dracula Untold and The Girl on the Train. Evans is an accomplished singer and has released several singles and an album.

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