How to Know if Sent Email is Read or Not with Email Tracker

Email is a very useful tool in today’s world. Moreover, it is a very beneficial tool in many aspects. Moreover, you can use it for professional as well as personal use. There are various functions available in the email system. So, it is an application with many uses. Sometimes you feel the need to track the emails. It is only because for many reasons. So, you should go for using it for your system. But, many users don’t have any idea about ‘How to Know if Sent Email is Read or Not with Email Tracker?’. We are here to help you in this segment. So, we are providing thorough information related to this topic for you. You can easily apply it to your system. So, here we have a look at ‘How to Know if Sent Email is Read or Not with Email Tracker?’. You can also check How to Disable the Built-In Password Manager in Chrome, Edge, Firefox Browsers?

How to Know if Sent Email is Read or Not with Email Tracker?

Many times the unwanted situation arises. Moreover, you do some important mail & wait for the reply. Here waiting is the only option. But, what if you can track the status of your email?. It will be a truly awesome thing to perform. You can easily crosscheck whether the mail is sent or not or if some other problem is there. We are delivering here a tutorial on ‘How to Know if Sent Email is Read or Not with Email Tracker?’. There are various tools available for this purpose. But, we are making use of some standard tools. On the other hand, prepare yourself for this journey.

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Reasons to Know About Email Reading Activity with Email Tracker

There are various reasons responsible for this activity. But, we are providing here some of the major reasons that are necessary to look at. So, here are the points enlisted regarding the same.

  • For Confirmation: In daily routine life, we send many emails to various recipients. Moreover, some of them may be important. So, you expect the reply from those mails on time. That is why this tool operation is required. If you send an email, you need confirmation about it. Thus, you can decide what the next action to take towards it. Sometimes, it can go into the junk box also. So, to take follow-ups, it is essential to track them.
  • Deciding the Priority Orders: You will easily come across some facts like who opens your emails, and how many times they open them. Thus, according to that record, you can decide whom to make more attentive. It will increase the productivity of the working environment. So, it is a beneficial action to perform regarding the recipients. It is an additional feature of this tool.

Methods Available to Fulfill This Operation

There are various methods available to fulfill the desired operation successfully. Various options are available there. But, our main focus is on some of the specific methods here. So, go through them to achieve the expected results.

Method – 1 ) Email Reading Activity For Google Chrome Browser

There is some systematic process available to make it easy for the ‘Google Chrome browser. So, all you need to do is to go through the steps provided below. These will help you to reach the final destination. Just go for it now.

1 ) Install Google Chrome Extension

First of all, open the ‘Google Chrome browser. This is the foremost thing to do here. Then, go for the email tracker extension for the operation. Here we are using the ‘Unlimited Email Tracker’ chrome extension. You can use any other extension at your convenience.

Method 1 How to Know if Sent Email is Read or Not with Email Tracker Step 1

2 ) Click on the ‘Activate’ Option

Further, this tool will start operating. A pop-up window will appear on your email accounts screen. So, you should simply click on the ‘Activate’ button available on the downward side of the window. This will be ready for its working to track the mails properly. You can have it as an appearing extension on the screen.

activate option window

3 ) Send the Mail & Track

Now, you are all set to send the emails & track them. So. send your first email to any of your recipients. You will get there 2 options like ‘Opens & Not tracked’. So, it becomes very easy to analyze the procedure easily.

mail sending & tracking

4 ) Email Opening Confirmation Window

When the recipient opens the mail, you get the notification. So, you can observe it as shown in the bottom-right corner of the window. This will inform you about the response of the recipient as soon as they open it. It saves your time to check who has read the mail & who has not yet. So, it gives a clear idea about it.

confirmation window

5 ) Emails Opening Details Windows

Now, you can see the details about it also. So, simply click on the ‘OPpens’ option as shown near the sent email. Thus, a pop-up window will appear on the right-hand side of the email screen displayed. It provides information regarding the exact date and time on the screen. Thus, this is an additional benefit of using this extension.

details showing window

This is the way to trach email through the Google Chrome browser. Adhere to the method to get more benefits.

Method – 2 ) Email Reading Activity For Microsoft Edge

Similarly, there is the process for the ‘Microsoft Edge browser also. Thus, a slight change in this scenario is nothing but a tool. So, you should go for the ‘Mailcastr – Email tracker for free‘ in this browser. With this tool, you can easily do it as described in the above method.

Method 2 How to Know if Sent Email is Read or Not with Email Tracker Step 1

Method – 3 ) Email Reading Activity For Firefox

There are several Firefox users. So, they should know how to do this activity properly. So, go for installing the ‘ Email Tracking & Recall‘ extension tool. This will let you know about the tracking activity in a proper way.

Method 3 How to Know if Sent Email is Read or Not with Email Tracker Step 1


In his way, this is all about email tracking activity. Hope so this tutorial will help you in many ways. So, go through it thoroughly. Get the more informative tutorials on this platform.

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