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Jennifer Connelly Interesting Facts: Jennifer Connelly Is Also Known As [‘Jennifer Lynn Connelly ‘, ‘제니퍼 코넬리’, ‘Τζένιφερ Λιν Κόνελι’, ‘Τζένιφερ Κόνελι’, ‘珍妮佛‧康納莉’, ‘Дженнифер Коннелли’, ‘جنیفر کانلی’, ‘詹妮弗·康纳利’, ‘ჯენიფერ კონელი’, ‘Jennifer L. Connelly’].

Jennifer Lynn Connelly (born December 12, 1970) is an American actress who began her career as a child model before making her acting debut in the 1984 crime film Once Upon a Time in America. After having worked as a model for several years, she began to focus on acting, including the horror film Phenomena (1985), the musical fantasy film Labyrinth (1986), the romantic comedy Career Opportunities (1991) and the period superhero film The Rocketeer (1991). She received praise for her performance

Jennifer Connelly
(Source: TMDB)
Birth Date / Birthday1970-12-12
People Also Call[‘Jennifer Lynn Connelly ‘, ‘제니퍼 코넬리’, ‘Τζένιφερ Λιν Κόνελι’, ‘Τζένιφερ Κόνελι’, ‘珍妮佛‧康納莉’, ‘Дженнифер Коннелли’, ‘جنیفر کانلی’, ‘詹妮弗·康纳利’, ‘ჯენიფერ კონელი’, ‘Jennifer L. Connelly’]
Best Known ForActing
Birth PlaceCairo, New York, USA

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Jennifer Connelly Biography Details

Jennifer Connelly is an American actress and former child model who began her acting career in 1984 in the fantasy film Labyrinth (1986) followed by roles in the films Once Upon a Time in America (1984), Career Opportunities (1991), The Rocketeer (1991) and Pollock (2000) Connelly also starred in many music videos, including Paul McCartney’s “We All Stand Together” (1984) and The Wiz (1978) when she was five years old.

Some Interesting Facts About Jennifer Connelly

Frequently Asked Questions About Jennifer Connelly

Here is the list of some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) with Answers. Please go through it to get a better idea about the person (Jennifer Connelly). If you still have any queries then feel free to ask us in the comment section below.

1. What is Jennifer Connelly’s ethnicity?

Answer: Jennifer Connelly is of Irish and Norwegian descent.

2. What is Jennifer Connelly’s net worth?

Answer: Jennifer Connelly is an American actress with a net worth of $40 million, began her career as a child model in 1984 before making her film debut in the fantasy film, Once Upon a Time in America, since then has appeared in a number of films, including Requiem for a Dream, A Beautiful Mind and House of Sand and Fog. She also starred in television series In Treatment and has lent her voice to the character of Betty Ross in the Hulk franchise.

3. What is Jennifer Connelly’s height?

Answer: Jennifer Connelly is 5’9″.

4. What is Jennifer Connelly’s birthday?

Answer: Jennifer Connelly was born on December 12, 1970 in New York City, New York, the daughter of Eileen Connelly, a nurse and Gerard Connelly, a clothing manufacturer. Jennifer began modeling at the age of ten and quickly became one of the most sought-after models in such films as Labyrinth (1986 ), Career Opportunities (1991 ), The Rocketeer (1991 ), Pollock (2000), A Beautiful Mind (2001 ).

5. What is Jennifer Connelly’s zodiac sign?

Answer: The zodiac sign of Jennifer Connelly is Pisces. Pisces are known for their compassionate and romantic nature, as they are often creative and compassionate people in touch with their emotions, Pisces are often very intuitive and can be very empathetic.

6. What is Jennifer Connelly’s natural hair color?

Answer: Jennifer Connelly’s natural hair color is brown.

7. What is Jennifer Connelly’s eye color?

Answer: Jennifer Connelly has hazel eyes.

8. Who are Jennifer Connelly’s parents?

Answer: Jennifer Connelly parents are Karen and Gerard Connelly, who both work in the advertising industry.

9. Where is Jennifer Connelly from?

Answer: Jennifer Connelly is an American actress and was born in New York City, New York City, Ireland, and her mother is Italian ancestry, she has two sisters, one older and one younger, attended High School for Performing Arts and then Yale University.

10. What is Jennifer Connelly’s favorite food?

Answer: Jennifer Connelly’s favorite food is sushi. She loves the freshness of the fish and rice, she also enjoys the different flavors and textures that sushi offers.

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