How to Write a Resume

A resume is simply a reflection of you. In addition, it provides your details at a glance. Moreover, many students face the problem ‘How to Write a Resume?’. So, for the same purpose, we are providing here a comprehensive look over it. Writing a resume properly is always better. As it reflects you, it should be up to the mark. Thus, let’s take a journey towards this amazing topic ‘How to Write a Resume?’. You can also check How to Stop Hair Fall?

How to Write a Resume?

Most importantly, writing a good resume is much needed. You should highlight your key features. So, it is necessary to get knowledge about ‘How to Write a Resume?. We are giving here the important information regarding the same. On the other hand, get yourself ready for this.

Steps to Follow For This Purpose

Above all, the resume plays a vital role for you. The way you represent yourself decides the results. So, here we are providing important steps to writing a good resume. Simply follow them for improving your resume.

Step – 1 ) Select the Resume Format

Most importantly, you should select the proper resume format. The available resume formats are as follows: Chronological, Functional & Combination. You may select any one of them.

Step – 2 ) Name & Contact Information

After that, provide your name, location, contact number & email address. In addition, you can provide the URL of your LinkedIn profile. All the information should follow a professional appearance. Further, check all the information. Always focus on keeping it short.

Step – 3 ) Resume Headline

To proceed further, add a suitable Resume Headline to your resume. It is your simple & short description. Moreover, it helps to draw the attention of the recruiter.

Step – 4 ) Resume Summary Statement

In addition to the above step, the next one is to write a resume summary statement. It consists of a short description of your professional skills. You can make use of bullet points to draw attention. It becomes very helpful.

Step – 5 ) Work Experience & Achievements

In this segment, you should add your work experience & achievements. It reflects your ability. As you are providing your skills, the recruiter pays more attention. It should be promising. Your value addition is showcased through this. The work experience should consist of:

  • Title of Your Job
  • Company Name
  • Job Location
  • Your Main Responsibilities
  • Highlighting Achievements

Step – 6 ) Skills Information

After that, you should provide your skills. These should be relevant to the job profile. Give a shortlist of your capabilities. In addition, provide your technical skills, soft skills & hard skills too. This should be mentioned in a specific format. So, just highlight your skills here.

Step – 7 ) Educational Details

Now, you should provide your educational details here. So, it should consist of the following information.

  • Name of the institution
  • Degree & Certificates
  • Distinguishing Achievements

Step – 8 ) Provide Additional Information

Despite the above information, you can provide additional information in your resume. It gives an idea of your versatile attitude. This certainly helps to get selected. Further, in this section you should add the following points:

  • Hobbies and interests
  • Excellent work done
  • Certification & Awards
  • Languages Known

Thus, following the above-mentioned steps, you can write a better resume. This will certainly raise your chances of getting selected.

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