How to Use Google’s New Threadit Tool

Google is a big name in the search engine segment. Further, it has set many standards. Nowadays, Google has launched its new tool Threadit. It is a short video service tool. You can make use of it effectively. But, many of us don’t know ‘How to Use Google’s New Threadit Tool?’. So, taking this point into account, we are here to give you detailed information regarding the same. You will be able to make use of it based on this data. We have also covered the article on ‘How to Sync Your Fitness Band to Google Fit’. Thus, make yourself prepared to have a ride on ‘How to Use Google’s New Threadit Tool?’.

How to Use Google’s New Threadit Tool?

Threadit Tool is a short video-making tool. Further, you can stay connected with your team members easily through this. This will work as an alternative option for emails, messages or chats, etc. Thus, by making use of this tool your work will get easier. So, we are delivering a tutorial ‘How to Use Google’s New Threadit Tool?’. On the other hand, get ready to experience this informative journey. Let’s begin the tutorial.

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Process For This Purpose

There is a specific process to follow to use Google’s Threadit Tool. You should follow the steps below for the completion of an operation.

Step – 1 ) Visit Official Website

The first thing should do is to visit the Threadit official website. (

How to Use Google’s New Threadit Tool step 1

Step – 2 ) Availability of Threadit Chrome Extension

In addition to the above, there is a chrome extension available for this app. You can make use of it also.

Threadit chrome extension

Step – 3 ) Select the ‘Try Threadit’ Option on the Website

When you visit the website, select the ‘Try Threadit’ Option. By doing so, you will be able to make a short video.

threadit official website window

Step – 4 ) Sign In to Threadit

After that, you should sign in with your Microsoft Account or Google Account. In case you don’t have any of these accounts, you should create one.

sign in window to Use Google’s New Threadit Tool

Step – 5 ) Create a Threadit

Now, you can create your Threadit. In addition, you should add a proper title for the session.

creating new threadit window
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Step – 6 ) Hitting ‘Finish’ Option

Now, you should hit the ‘Finish’ option. After that, you can go for the ‘Publish’ Option.

finishing window
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Step – 7 ) Select ‘Publish’ Option & Sharing

Now select the ‘Publish’ Option when you are done with everything. Further, you can share it with your teammates by sharing a link or in a manual way. You can send it by entering the email addresses of your team members.

sharing video window
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In this way, following the above-mentioned steps, you can use Google’s new Threadit Tool effectively. We assure you that this information will be helpful to you.

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