How To Delete Instagram Account

Instagram is a social media platform, which helps you share your photos online. There are many advantages and disadvantages of the platform, depending on your point of view. Hence, many people were requesting How To Delete Instagram Account. So, here’s the tutorial.

Delete Instagram Account

It was the most requested question for our team. We have decided to share the complete guide about the same. This tutorial will provide you the solution for the web version as well as for the mobile version (iOS, Android). So let’s begin.

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1) Login To Your Instagram Account

The First Thing, Login to your Instagram account from a computer or mobile browser. (

(Instagram Login Page)

2) Go To The URL

Now you need to visit ( this is the Delete Instagram Account Page Link.

delete instagram page
(Delete Instagram Account Page)

3) Permanently Delete

Now by selecting the reason to delete the account from the drop-down menu listed below. Click on “Permanently Delete My Account”.

By following the above steps, you can delete your Instagram account permanently. Once you click on the link and accept to delete the account, then the account will be permanently deleted and the data will also be deleted from the servers.

You can also choose an option to temporarily delete/disable Instagram. This will not delete your data from their servers and you can choose to come back anytime to access your data. Instagram is a very famous social media handle and people generally enjoy being on Instagram. We’ve also covered some more articles around Instagram like Recover Recently Deleted Instagram Posts, It is natural to delete your posts on Instagram. But, sometimes you feel it wrong. So, you wish to recover those posts. Instagram has provided this feature on the platform.

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