How To Change Tinder Age?

The answer to the question How To Change Tinder Age?, is pretty straightforward, our experts have explained this in the following steps.

Step 1. First, Open the Tinder app and tap on the profile icon at the top left corner of the main screen.

Step 2. Now, On the profile screen, tap on the settings icon at the top right corner.

Step 3. Now, Scroll down and tap on the ‘Change Age’ option.

Step 4. Now, Enter your new age and tap on the ‘Done’ button.

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Change Tinder Age

If you’re not happy with the age limit on Tinder you can change it – all you need to do is go into your account settings and adjust the minimum and maximum age ranges you’re interested in – be aware that this won’t necessarily guarantee that you’ll only be shown the people in that age range – it just means that those will be the only people you can message.

How To Change Tinder Age? [Video]:

We have found a great video explaining the question How To Change Tinder Age?. This video was published by How To Guide with the title How to Change Tinder Age | Change Age on Tinder Account(2022). Though it was published 11 months ago, it’s still really helpful.

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There’s another video available on YouTube. This video was published by lemme help with the title How to Change Tinder Age | Change Age on Tinder Account (2023). This was uploaded 4 months ago, you can watch that too.

Change Tinder Age FAQ:

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1. How do I change my age on Tinder?

If you’re not happy with the age you have on Tinder, there is unfortunately no way to change it: your age is determined by the birthdate you entered when signing up for the app, Tinder uses this information to verify your identity and to make sure you are of legal age to use the app.

2. Why can’t I change my age on Tinder?

Your age on Tinder is there to give other users an idea how old you are, and it is not something that can be changed because it is used to help find matches. If you are not comfortable with your age being displayed on Tinder, you may want to consider using a different dating app that does not display age.

3. How do I update my age on Tinder?

To update your age on Tinder, open the app and tap the profile icon at the top of the main screen. Then tap on the “Edit Profile” button and scroll down to the “Basic Information” section and you can tap on your current age and enter your new age. Once you’ve made your changes, tap on the “Done” button at the top of the screen to save them.

4. What happens if I lie about my age on Tinder?

If you lie about your age on Tinder, you may find yourself in a difficult situation: if someone you are matched with is significantly older or younger than you, they may feel confused and uncomfortable. Additionally, lying about your age may prevent you from accessing certain features on the app. For example, Tinder’s minimum age is 18, so if you lie and say you are younger, you will not be able to sign up for the app.

5. Is it possible to change your age on Tinder?

No, it is not possible to change your age on Tinder. Your age is fixed when you start your account and cannot be changed.

6. How do I set my age on Tinder?

In order to set your age on Tinder you will need to go into the settings section of the app and, once you are in the settings section, you will need to scroll down to the age setting and select the appropriate age range as you would like shown.

7. How does Tinder know how old I am?

Tinder uses your Facebook account to determine your age. If you have never logged in with your Facebook account to Tinder, it will ask you for your date of birth when you first sign up.

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