How to Edit Photos Online with Photopea

Photopea is a very useful tool for photo editing. Further, it is available online. In addition, you can use it on all devices. You can have better results. This application is an alternative to Photoshop. It provides you with many efficient results. There is no need to install it. So, it is a very effective tool. But, many users don’t know ‘How to Edit Photos Online with Photopea?’. You should not worry at all. We are here to help you in this matter. We are providing detailed information regarding the same. Moreover, its results are compatible with Photoshop. Thus, it is not needful to install Photoshop for this purpose. So, let’s take a look at ‘How to Edit Photos Online with Photopea?’.

How to Edit Photos Online with Photopea?

Photo editing is an art. Moreover, there are various types of Software available. So, it becomes easy to edit your photos effectively. Similarly, Photopea is an online-based platform. You can have better outcomes with this. We are delivering here a tutorial ‘How to Edit Photos Online with Photopea?’. We assure you that this data will help you. Thus, you can go for this application. On the other end, you should involve fully. Let’s start this amazing journey of information.

Process Used to Edit Photos Online with Photopea

There is a certain process available for this operation. So, you should follow the steps given below to do so.

1 ) Visit the Official Website

First of all, you should the official site of Photopea. ( So, do the same to proceed ahead.

how to edit photos online with Photopea step 2

2 ) Select the Image

After that, you should click on the ‘File’ menu. It is available on the upper side of the window Then, click on the ‘Open’ option from the list of various options available.

Image selection window

3 ) Image Display

In addition to the above step, you will see the image displayed on the screen. Thus, you can edit it with the use of various tools available here.

image display window

4 ) Choose the ‘Refine Edge’ Option

Then, click on the ‘Select’ menu from the available options on the upper side of the window. Now, click on the ‘Refined Edge’ option to proceed ahead.

Refined edge window display

5 ) Refined Image Display

By doing the above operation, you will see this picture. So, the original & refined images will be displayed on a single screen.

refined image display window

6 ) Choose the ‘Open & Place’ Option

Later, choose the ‘Open & Place’ option. It is available under the ‘File’ option on the screen. So, click on that to select the image for background purposes.

Open & place window

7 ) Background Image Display

Now, the selected image is useful for setting as a background for the refined image. So, it will appear as a background for the refined image. You can observe it as shown below.

background image window in Photopea

8 ) Choose the ‘Unsharp Mask’ Option

Here, click on the ‘Filer’ option. Further, expand the ‘Sharpen’ option & choose the ‘Unsharp Mask’ option for the next operation. This will lead to controlling the amount of sharpening.

unsharp mask window

9 ) Adjusting the Sharpening Level

So, you can easily adjust the blocks at your convenience. Do the same for a better editing purpose.

sharpening level adjusting in Photopea

10 ) Select ‘Brightness & Contrast’ Option

You can control the brightness & contrast of the image also. For that, click on the ‘Image’ option. In addition, expand the ‘Adjustment’ option & choose the ‘Brightness/Contrast option.

brightness & contrast option window

11 ) Brightness & Contrast Adjustments

Thus, a pop-up window will appear. So, you can adjust the factors as per your requirements.

brightness & contrast adjustment window

12 ) Choose the ‘Vibrance’ Option

You can use the ‘Vibrance’ option for image editing. So, You can follow the ‘Image > Adjustment > Vibrance’ path to choose it. It is useful for brightening the image colors. Then, you can choose the ‘Darken or Multiply’ mode. For that, you should click on the ‘Normal’ button available on the right-hand side of the screen.

vibrance option window

13 ) More Filters Options

For editing the image, you can use more filters also. You should click on the ‘Filter’ option for that. Then, it will display a list. The ‘Last filter’ option reapplies the previously used filter settings. On the other hand, the ‘Liquify’ filter provides the facility to stretch & mold the image.

more filters option window

14 ) Image Exporting Phase

You can export your image easily in any format available. Go to the ‘File’ menu on the top. Then, expand the ‘Export as’ option. You can choose any of these formats. But, if you wish to have another then, click on the ‘More’ option available on the downward side of the window. So, your image gets stored properly.

image exporting window

In this way, following the above-mentioned steps, you can edit photos online with Photopea.

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