How to Copy Text From Images in Google Photos

Google is a powerful tool in today’s era. Further, it provides many useful features for use. In addition, these are the applications with efficient outputs. There is a feature ‘Google Lens’ available for users. Moreover, it helps to make use of artificial intelligence mechanisms. It also gives the benefit of machine learning. Thus, Google Lens delivers the information related to the surrounding. It also includes images as well. There is a facility to copy the text from images. But, many users don’t know ‘How to Copy Text From Images in Google Photos?’. We are ready to guide you. So, you should be free about it. It will be beneficial for you. Thus, you can apply it to your system also. We have also covered the article on ‘How to Change Your Google Profile Photo from the Contacts App‘. Let’s take a look at ‘How to Copy Text From Images in Google Photos?’.

How to Copy Text From Images in Google Photos?

Sometimes, it is needful to save the data from various documents. But, there was no such facility available before. In recent updates, Google has made this provision available for users. You can copy the text from important documents like receipts, reports or business cards, etc. So, it saves your time & energy also. It will lead to saving this data in less time. We are delivering here a tutorial ‘How to Copy Text From Images in Google Photos?’. We make you assured of its outcomes. Thus, don’t miss this beautiful opportunity to grasp knowledge. You should involve with the same intensity as ours. Let’s start this amazing journey here.

The process used to Copy Text From Images in Google Photos

There is a specific process available to fulfill this operation. Moreover, this is so simple. Thus, just go through the different steps provided here. By following these steps, you will be able to copy the text from various types of documents in your workflow.

1 ) Visit the ‘’ Website

Most importantly, you should open the web browser on your desktop. Then, visit the ‘’ website. This will lead to opening the windows just as shown in the picture below. So, do the same to execute this whole operation.

how to copy text from images in Google Photos step 1

2 ) Choose the ‘Explore’ Option

After that, you should select the ‘Explore’ option from the list of various options available on the screen. It is available on the left-hand side of the screen displayed.

Google Photos Explore Window

3 ) Select the Image for Operation

In addition to the above, you should choose one of the images for the desired operation. So, let’s suppose, you select the image shown in the box below. Further, when the Google Photos & Google Lens detect text on the image displayed, it is good. Thus, you will be able to see the ‘Copy text from image’ option on the upper side of the image. Click on that option to copy the text on this image. Do the same to execute the action.

copy text from images in Google Photos Window
Image Source: androidcentral

4 ) Sidebar Window Display

Now, a sidebar window will appear nearby the screen. Follow the instructions provided there. So, go for the ‘Click and drag text to select’ instruction. Then, click on the ‘Copy text’ option in the box. You can use it wherever you want.

how to copy text from images in Google Photos step 4
Image Source: androidcentral

In this way, following the above-mentioned steps, you can copy text from images in Google Photos.

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