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Camila Mendes Interesting Facts: Camila Mendes Is Also Known As [‘Camila Carraro Mendes’, ‘카밀라 멘데스’, ‘Καμίλα Μέντες’, ‘Камила Мендес’].

Camila Carraro Mendes (born June 29, 1994) is an American actress and singer. She made her debut as Veronica Lodge in the CW teen drama series Riverdale (2017-present ), for which she won the Teen Choice Award for Choice Scene Stealer in 2017. She has acted as Morgan Cruise in the romantic comedy The New Romantic (2018), in the Netflix original films The Perfect Date (2019) and Dangerous Lies (2020 ) and the critically acclaimed sci-f

Camila Mendes
(Source: TMDB)
Birth Date / Birthday1994-06-29
People Also Call[‘Camila Carraro Mendes’, ‘카밀라 멘데스’, ‘Καμίλα Μέντες’, ‘Камила Мендес’]
Best Known ForActing
Birth PlaceCharlottesville, Virginia, USA

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Camila Mendes Biography Details

Camila Mendes is an American actress and model and is known for her role as Veronica Lodge on the CW series Riverdale. Mendes was born in Miami, Florida to Brazilian parents – both of whom are of Portuguese descent – and a sister called Kiara. She attended Notre Dame High School and was teased for her looks and for being Latina. Mendes said she is proud to be Latina and a huge advocate” in the media.

Some Interesting Facts About Camila Mendes

Frequently Asked Questions About Camila Mendes

Here is the list of some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) with Answers. Please go through it to get a better idea about the person (Camila Mendes). If you still have any queries then feel free to ask us in the comment section below.

1. How old is Camila Mendes?

Answer: Camila Mendes is 24 years old.

2. Where is Camila Mendes from?

Answer: Camila Mendes is from Los Angeles, California.

3. What is Camila Mendes’ ethnicity?

Answer: Camila Mendes is of Brazilian, Portuguese and Venezuelan origin.

4. What is Camila Mendes’ zodiac sign?

Answer: Virgo is Camila Mendes’ zodiac sign.

5. What is Camila Mendes’ natural hair color?

Answer: Camila Mendes natural hair color is brown.

6. What is Camila Mendes’ net worth?

Answer: Camila Mendes is an American actress and model who has a net worth of $2 million and is best known for her role as Veronica Lodge in the CW television series Riverdale.

7. What is Camila Mendes’ height?

Answer: Camila Mendes is 5’2″.

8. Who is Camila Mendes’ boyfriend?

Answer: Camila Mendes is currently in a relationship with her Riverdale co-star Charles Melton. The two were rumored to be dating in September 2018 and confirmed their relationship in October 2018 through a series of Instagram posts.

9. What is Camila Mendes’ favorite food?

Answer: There is no definitive answer to this question, as Camila Mendes’ favorite food may change from time to time, but some of the actress’ known favorite foods include sushi, Chinese food, Italian food and avocado toast.

10. What is Camila Mendes’ favorite color?

Answer: Camila Mendes’ favorite color is black, she loves the way it looks and how it makes her feel, and she loves how it goes with everything.

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