Bolo Yeung Age, GF, Wife, Movies, Net Worth, Height, Bio

Bolo Yeung Interesting Facts: Bolo Yeung Is Also Known As 楊斯, Yang Sze, Yeung Shut, Yang Szu, Bolo Yung, Yeung See, Yang Tze, Yung Sze, Ywung Sze, ”Bolo” Yang Tse, 杨斯.

Bolo Yeung
(Source: TMDB)
Birth Date / Birthday3rd July 1946
Current Age76 Years (As Of 2023)
People Also Call楊斯, Yang Sze, Yeung Shut, Yang Szu, Bolo Yung, Yeung See, Yang Tze, Yung Sze, Ywung Sze, ”Bolo” Yang Tse, 杨斯
Best Known ForActing
Birth PlaceGuangzhou,Guangdong Province,China

Bolo Yeung’s Birthday is on 3rd July 1946, so as per the current year (2023), Bolo Yeung’s Age is 76 Years.

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Bolo Yeung Biography Details

Bolo Yeung is a Chinese actor and martial artist who has become a cult figure in martial arts film genre. Born in 1946, he has been active in the entertainment industry since the late 1960s for his imposing physique and villainous roles in martial arts films, often portraying formidable antagonists and showcasing his impressive martial arts skills. He has appeared in numerous martial arts films, including Bloodsport (1988), Double Impact (1991) and The Protector (1985). He also supports the Bruce Lee Foundation which

Bolo Yeung Social Media Handles

Bolo Yeung Popularity: With a popularity score of 57.428, Bolo Yeung is indeed a popular figure in the industry.

You can find Bolo Yeung’s all available social media accounts like Bolo Yeung’s Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, TikTok, IMDB, YouTube, etc. at this place.

IMDB nm0001866

Bolo Yeung’s Movies

Bolo Yeung’s Previous Work: Bolo Yeung has showcased exceptional performances in several films, some of which are included in the following table.

Title Character Release Date
Shootfighter: Fight to the Death Shingo 05 May 1993
Shootfighter II Shingo 27 August 1996
TC 2000 Master Sumai 18 August 1993
Bolo Bolo 01 January 1977
The Kung Fu Cook   29 January 1980
The Fists, the Kicks and the Evils   01 January 1979
Bloodsport Chong Li 26 February 1988
Tiger Claws II Chong 25 May 1996
Fearless Tiger Master on Mountain 09 July 1991
The Wandering Swordsman ‘Unicorn’ Du Kuo Lung 04 February 1970
Man of Iron Jin Xi Fu 13 October 1972
The Thunder Kick Martial Arts Teacher 01 January 1974
Ironheart Ice 25 November 1992
Enter the Game of Death Bolo 02 November 1978
Mega Force from Highland   24 December 1992
Kung Fu on the Bosphorus   30 January 1974
The Dragon, the Hero Muscleman 01 January 1979
Play Catch   09 June 1983
Amsterdam Connection Big Lui 24 May 1978
Fearless Master Yang Tze 09 February 1980
ICU病房   01 July 2022
Enter Three Dragons   11 June 1978
Tiger Claws Chong 30 August 1991
Dragon Bruce Lee, Part II   12 September 1981
The Life of Bruce Lee Himself 01 January 1994
Deadly Chase for Justice   29 July 1977
Super Kung Fu Kid   31 May 1973
Master Killers   01 January 1980
Double Impact Moon 31 July 1991
Breathing Fire Thunder 25 September 1991
10 Magnificent Killers   01 January 1977
The Clones of Bruce Lee Martial Arts trainer 14 August 1980
The Karate 2 Dracula Jack 01 November 1974
Bruce the Super Hero The Bull Killer 01 January 1979
Bruce Le’s Greatest Revenge Hoop Earring Mongo 25 October 1978
A Queen’s Ransom Ram 16 September 1976
Trilogy of Swordsmanship Big Soldier 05 November 1972
The Mad Cold-Blooded Murder   23 October 1981
Fighting Dragon   01 January 1975
Black Guide   01 February 1974
Megaforce from Highland   04 March 1992
Bloodfight Chong Lee 24 June 1989
The Boxer’s Omen Bu Bo 23 October 1983
Snake Deadly Act   17 January 1980
Freedom Strikes a Blow Killer 05 March 1973
Bruce Strikes Back Sakata’s pupil 01 September 1982
The Seven Angels   05 December 1985
Greatest Thai Boxing   14 December 1974
The Gourd Fairy Prince Apu-hua 20 July 1972
Kung Fu’s Hero   01 January 1973
The Karate   15 June 1974
Storming Attacks Kimura 31 August 1978
Bruce and Shaolin Kung Fu Lam Chi Chu 19 March 1977
The Rescue Chief Cha Te 24 September 1971
Killer in the Dark   01 January 1973
The Blazing Ninja   01 January 1980
Fists of Legends 2: Iron Bodyguards Mongol 01 January 1996
Tiger   15 March 1973
Bruce Lee The Invincible   17 February 1978
One Husband Too Many Dung Ken 31 March 1988
Bruce, King of Kung Fu [cameo] 11 June 1980
To Err Is Humane Man standing outside cinema [cameo] 03 December 1987
Divorce Hong Kong Style   15 July 1976
Diamond Cartel Bulo 06 March 2015
The Oath of Death Tartar officer Shek 01 January 1971
The 36 Deadly Styles 2nd Brother 22 November 1979
Young People   07 July 1972
The Super Gang   12 November 1984
The Lady Professional   06 January 1971
Bruce and Shaolin Kung Fu 2   06 February 1978
Enter the Dragon Bolo 17 August 1973
Intrigue in Nylons Prince Charming 11 November 1972
The Angry Guest Muscular Japanese thug 29 February 1972
Soul of Chiba Nepal 11 February 1977
Bruce Lee and Kung Fu Mania Himself (archive footage) 01 January 1992
The Tattoo Connection Tan Yu 27 July 1978
Treasure of Bruce Le   21 November 1979
Blood Call   17 November 1988
All the Wrong Clues Brawler in bar 23 July 1981
Call to Arms General Tung Gou Chung 18 January 1973
Challenge of the Tiger Chang 01 January 1980
The Real Bruce Lee 2 (archive footage) 01 January 2002
Silent Romance   04 August 1984
Hong Kong Superman   25 June 1975
You’re My Destiny Leader of punks at bar 16 November 1987
Bruce Lee in New Guinea   29 June 1978
My Lucky Stars Millionaire Chan 10 February 1985
The Deadly Duo River Dragon 22 December 1971
Killer’s Nocturne Pit fighter 08 May 1987
Legacy of Rage Thug 20 December 1986
Lucky Diamond Mrs Tsao’s henchman 19 June 1985
The Fugitive Master Xi’s man 06 December 1972
Young Dragon   01 August 1979
Tiger Claws III Chong (uncredited) (archiveFootage) 25 January 2000
Bruce’s Deadly Fingers Mr Yang 14 September 1976
All Men Are Brothers General Si Xing Fang 10 May 1975
Five Fingers of Death Hercules Ba To Er 28 April 1972
Working Class Giant Kickboxer 09 August 1985
Bruce Lee: The Man and the Legend Self 14 October 1973
The Magnificent Boxer   01 July 1973
Game of Death (as Yeung See) 23 March 1978
The Heroic Ones General Meng Chieh Hai 14 August 1970
The 14 Amazons Hsia wrestler 27 July 1972
Where’s Officer Tuba? Henchman 20 March 1986
The Millionaires’ Express Cotton Weaver 30 January 1986

Bolo Yeung’s TV Shows and Roles

Bolo Yeung’s Previous TV Show Work: Bolo Yeung has appeared in several TV shows, some of which are included in the following table.

Title Character First Air Date
Jean-Claude Van Damme: Behind Closed Doors   22 March 2011
The Legend of the Condor Heroes   12 April 1976

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bolo Yeung

Here is the list of some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) with Answers (If List Is Empty, Please Stay Tunned We’re Updating It.). Please go through it to get a better idea about the person (Bolo Yeung). If you still have any queries then feel free to ask us in the comment section below.

1. What is Bolo Yeung’s date of birth?

Answer: Bolo Yeung’s date of birth is July 3, 1946.

2. What martial arts skills does Bolo Yeung possess?

Answer: Bolo Yeung is skilled in various martial arts, including kung fu, kickboxing, judo, and tae kwon do. He is also known for his impressive strength and physical conditioning. He has been featured in many martial arts films as a formidable antagonist, often showcasing his impressive martial arts skills.

3. What are some of the movies Bolo Yeung has appeared in?

Answer: Some of the movies Bolo Yeung has appeared in include Enter the Dragon (1973), Bloodsport (1988), Double Impact (1991), The Big Boss (1971), The Cannonball Run (1981), Undefeatable (1994), Blood and Bone (2009), and The Medallion (2003).

4. What is Bolo Yeung’s nationality?

Answer: Chinese

5. What is Bolo Yeung’s height?

Answer: Bolo Yeung’s height is 6 feet 2 inches (1.88 m).

6. What type of roles does Bolo Yeung typically portray?

Answer: Bolo Yeung typically portrays villainous roles, often involving martial arts. He is known for his imposing physique and his ability to portray intimidating characters.

7. What is the name of Bolo Yeung’s most famous role?

Answer: Bolo Yeung’s most famous role is as Chong Li in the movie Bloodsport (1988).

8. What is Bolo Yeung’s net worth?

Answer: Bolo Yeung’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million.

9. What is the origin of Bolo Yeung’s stage name?

Answer: The origin of Bolo Yeung’s stage name is derived from the Cantonese pronunciation of his given name, Yang Sze. The Cantonese pronunciation of Yang Sze is “Yahng Buh-Loh”, which is where the name “Bolo Yeung” originated from.

10. What awards has Bolo Yeung won for his acting?

Answer: Bolo Yeung has not won any awards for his acting. However, he has been honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame and a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Hong Kong Action Movie Awards.

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